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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Infinite Thanos Series Archive

Hasbro Marvel Legends Thanos Series Thanos featured

It’s time for the wrap up on Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Thanos series. The Fwoosh brought you some excellent reviews, fantastic pictures, and excellent video reviews. And now it’s time to wrap it all up in one final page for easy reference.

Thanos Series was the third 2015 Marvel Legends Infinite release and was a huge collector favorite. The set featured Spider-Woman, Hellcat, and Batroc — all from their comic book looks. Hellcat’s been high on collector lists for a while, as well as Batroc; Spider-Woman just needed a redo after the ToyBiz disaster. The series also features three movie figures from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk. Finally, the build a figure is Thanos, featured in his new spiffy modern look.


This is a fantastic build-a-figure, and it’s more in scale to comic book proportions of Thanos and less relative scaled. That means he’s not overly huge and has a more realistic scaling. The figure is super wide, which is great as that’s how Thanos is depicted in the comics, and as this is a comic representation, that’s what is expected. The figure represents Thanos’ current (the current year being 2015) comic book look, and it’s a good update to a classic look. Not much has changed in the look — same colors, same basic design — it just has all the modern trappings of armor-raised surfaces and piping. This is my favorite figure of the series.

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This is one of the best surprises in this wave — Hellcat. Patsy Walker’s been around since the ’40s and as a Hellcat, she was a huge part of the Defenders and minor part of the Avengers. She was huge in the ’70s and became a bit player for a long time. With Marvel’s NOW era of comics, she played a big role in She-Hulk (we need a new Shulkie), and she’ll be big in the upcoming Jessica Jones TV series. The figure is great; it’s a solid use of the Storm base with some other parts, shins, hands, and she sports the flats. The head sculpt is perfect, but if I were to point out an area of improvement, it’s the the hair. It’s beautiful to look at but limits the mobility of the head. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic figure!

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I’ve gushed enough about Spider-Woman, and I am running out of compliments. This is a great figure based on the Moonstone sculpt, and it looks stunning all painted up as Spider-Woman. Jessica Drew is another great ’70s Marvel character that is getting some serious spotlight action these days. The figure shares the same hair issue as Hellcat, the sculpt gets in the way of posing, but it’s minor issue when you look at Spider-Woman posed with your Avengers lineup. Or Spider-verse lineup.

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Who doesn’t love this cheesy French supervillain? A hold over from the ’60s Batroc, has seen a resurgence due in part to his appearance in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Plus there’s been some decent writing of the character in the past decade taking him from “z-lister joke” to “b-lister interesting.” The figure is based on the Black Panther base (evolution of the Bucky Cap base) and looks fantastic! The cheesy costume just pops like no one’s business on this plastic base, and the head sculpt is perfect. I love this figure and he’s fun to pose, but he needs an updated Captain America to fight!

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Captain America

And while I like this Captain America costume based on the Winter Soldier Cap outfit, it’s not the Captain America figure I am looking for. This figure is based on Avengers Age of Ultron costume and misses the mark of capturing the movie outfit. While the Winter Soldier look perfectly captured the movie look, this one falls short. The updated upper torso and shoulders miss the bulk of the actual movie costume. In addition, the knees are all kind of wobbly, killing the fun this figure should be bringing.

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Iron Man Mark 43

“Just a repaint of the Mark 42” still makes a decent Iron Man figure. Another figure from Age of Ultron, this Iron Man action figure is really just a repaint of the Iron Man 3 Mark 42 action figure based on the movie. And it works; it makes perfect sense that they would repaint the armor since the armor is a repaint. As mentioned in the review, the only complaint that I have is that some of the body parts are really small. There’s just no way hands or feet are getting into those parts. I’d love to see a “proportionate accurate” version of this figure.

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This is my least favorite figure of the series. It’s an updated version of the Hulk from Avengers, sporting a ton of new parts, so many that it’s really a new figure. I think the arms and feet are reuse and the rest is new. While there is a ton of fantastic articulation on this figure and a beautiful head sculpt, the waist, lower torso, and upper torso sculpt really look bad. I think it’s the narrow upper torso and the hour glass shape of the lower torso through the hips that kill it for me. I’d really love a Hulk with the thickness of this chest but the width of a tree-trunk shoulder to waist.

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