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Morning Rush: NY Toy Fair 2015, What Are You Excited For?

Toy Fair 2015

It’s just a couple of days away, what are you wanting to see? Me? Why thank you for asking, I’ll tell ya.

Marvel Legends, I just can’t get enough of my favorite comic book characters, the newness hasn’t worn off yet and I’m loving everything that’s coming out. I’d love to see the figures for the Avengers Series 3 and everything else that hasn’t been shown yet. I hope we get to see the Guardians box set and I am really excited about seeing what Hasbro has in store for their SDCC set this year. Jim Lee Cyclops Jim Lee Cyclops Jim Lee Cyclops Jim Lee Cyclops.

Mezco’s One:12 Collective is amazing so far and I am really excited to see more.

I’m expecting a big showing from Playmates, Jakks and Funko.

How about ya’ll?