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Toy Biz: Marvel Legends X-Men Legends Box Set Rogue

Toy Biz Marvel Legends X-Men Legends Box Set Rogue featured

Rogue was part of the X-Men Legends box set that came out way back in the day.

Toy Biz was slowly releasing box sets, the Urban Legends box set had come out at the same time and others were starting see the light of day as a great way of delivering hard to find characters or variants to collectors. Rogue was a hugely demanded figure who was having trouble making her way into the line as a single figure and a box set was a perfect vehicle for her.

Toy Biz Marvel Legends X-Men Legends Box Set Rogue

And let’s all be honest, we were super excited to be getting this ’90s favorite character. Her Jim Lee costume was still hot and many a young collector wanted her as she was a big part of the cartoon; plus you know, her ongoing thing with Gambit was hot. I stopped liking Rogue during the ’90s, the costume was great and Jim Lee knew how to draw her, but the character was just too one dimensional for me at the time. I liked her better in the’80s.

Toy Biz Marvel Legends X-Men Legends Box Set Rogue

The figure debuted on the Elektra base figure from Series 4 and was horrendus. I never liked that base figure due to the v-crotch hippy-hinge joint and the waist in general I found aesthetically unpleasant. Rogue sported a new head sculpt and hair. I think it’s a good head sculpt, and the hair definitely channels Rogue’s look at the time but it’s not great. The figure really come out looking like an exaggeration of what a woman should look like, she winds up looking worse than Jeff Dunham doll. I can’t tell if it is the sculpt or the factory paint app, but it’s just not good. This might be some good What The?! fodder, have Deadpool walking around with his hand up Rogue’s jacket using her as a dummy.

The figure does pack a lot of articulation, and most of it is great, beyond great, it’s perfect. However the execution of the hips kills it, I was really hoping for newer hips, but we did’t get them. The problem with hips isn’t the hinged hips but the use of the v-crotch which makes the movement odd. DC Universe Classics used a standard t-crotch with a hippy-hinge which replicates the “ball and socket” movement and poseability. In the case of Rogue and Elektra, you get the V-Crotch that makes the posing of the hips and he use of the hippy-hinge very odd. In addition there is use of the double bicep swivel which is really strange, the spinning meat is unnecessary. Here is the breakdown:

Hinged toes
Rocker ankles
Hinged ankles
Swivel calves
Double hinged knees
Swivel thighs
Hinged hips
Swivel waist
Hinged ab
Hinged shoulders
Ball shoulders
Swivel biceps x2
Double hinged elbows
Swivel forearms
Hinged wrists
Hinged fingers
Hinged neck
Swivel head

Toy Biz Marvel Legends X-Men Legends Box Set Rogue

Rogue comes with a “X” circular base and pleather jacket. The simplicity of the circular base is perfect, it’s a great base that hits home the theme of the figure, looks good, and works to support the figure. The base is maybe a little on the tall side, but they still work great. Rogue also comes with a pleather jacket, this fake leather is perfect for the way the character looked in the comics at the time.

Toy Biz Marvel Legends X-Men Legends Box Set Rogue

While the diehard collector will want her for their collection, she’s not a must have. It’s really not that great of figure. You can still get her on:

4 thoughts on “Toy Biz: Marvel Legends X-Men Legends Box Set Rogue

  1. i actully like the figure other then her face. though better then the original smaller version that looked like tammy faye . plus the base is perfect for figures to display them flying like angel.

  2. I just sold mine, she look way off when put together with the new female bodys, and the jacket started to peel… I don’t know if it was the paint, the make up or what, but her face looks like a granny…

  3. I’m all about the base, about the base. Not figure. All about the base.
    (Actually I really like the figure. I just wish I had the balls to repaint her face)

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