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New Custom Tuesday – 8/6/2013


New Custom Tuesday is a weekly, creator-submitted list of the latest custom action figures. This list provides a convenient way to check out all the latest custom creations posted in the galleries without having to search each individual thread. For this week’s customs, read on!

Skurge the Executioner - GrownNerd
Skurge the Executioner – GrownNerd

I’ve seen a few Executioner customs in my day, but this one has the best build that most matches my ideal Skurge.

Skurge the Executioner - GrownNerd
Skurge the Executioner – GrownNerd

I love how he matches up with the latest ML Thor.  GN went through a lot of trouble to build the base figure for this custom, and he lays out all the details nicely in his custom thread.

Skurge the Executioner - GrownNerd
Skurge the Executioner – GrownNerd

Click one of the above pics for a link to GN’s thread and let him know what you think of this beauty.


Red Hood (Jason Todd) - ethansuplee
Red Hood (Jason Todd) – ethansuplee

I like the use of the Captain Cold body here.  I feel like it should make him slightly shorter in comparison with Bats, which seems appropriate for Jason to me.

Green Lantern Insetto - mkULTRA
Green Lantern Insetto – mkULTRA

This GL has an extreme dose of Kirby design goodness, which is always nice.

Deathbird - Rabid_Ewok
Deathbird – Rabid_Ewok

I really like the smooth integration of the wings and the jagged sleeves on this Deathbird.  The head sculpting is really nice as well.

Gypsy Moth - Rabid_Ewok
Gypsy Moth – Rabid_Ewok

Anyone who makes a Gypsy Moth custom is OK in my book, especially a Gypsy Moth that looks this smooth and professional.

That’s it for this week’s NCT!  Please check back next week for more and hit up our custom galleries to let these skilled gentlemen know what you think of their work!