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New Custom Tuesday – 7/2/13

New Custom Tuesday is a weekly, creator-submitted list of the latest custom action figures. This list provides a convenient way to check out all the latest custom creations posted in the galleries without having to search each individual thread. For this week’s customs, read on!


GrownNerd picked a great base body for Stegron in the Spider-Man 2 Lizard figure as it already had a ton of interesting textural detail. It’s also kind of funny since Stegron is basically a derivative character from Curt Connors’ Lizard.

Stegron – GrownNerd

GN also added some subtle sculptural details and scrounged dinosaur parts to complete the Stegron picture.

Stegron - GrownNerd
Stegron – GrownNerd

Tying this all together is some masterful paintwork.  I’m seeing washes and drybrushing here that brings out all that amazing textural detail and makes the sort of bland two-tone color scheme of Stegron really pop. Do yourself a favor and click one of the above pictures for a link to GN’s thread.  There are a lot of fun customs there and detailed descriptions of how he did it all.

Here’s the rest of this past week’s customs!  Click on the below pic for a link to each customizer’s thread.

Kid Omega - ethansuplee
Kid Omega – ethansuplee

The definitive Kid Omega custom?  I think so.  Another surprising and successful re-use of the X-23 head sculpt.  Girls as teenage boys, I have to remember that one.

Custom Marvel Legends Ant-Man Concept - cusT0M
Custom Marvel Legends Ant-Man Concept – cusT0M

I dig the costume details on this guy.  They are very smoothly executed and modern looking.

Street Fight Logan - Hunter R
Street Fight Logan – Hunter R

I love the paint job on this one.  It’s got a real grimy real-world feel.  I also love the vest as it covers up the functional,  if unattractive, shoulder articulation and gives the custom a polished look.

TMNT Classics Casey Jones-DJBlizzard
TMNT Classics Casey Jones-DJBlizzard

This Casey looks so good, I don’t think Playmates could ever get close to it if and when they get to Casey.  I think this would look really great with the NECA Turtles based on the original comic art.

Nightwing - 1987olds44
Nightwing – 1987olds44

I like the combination of the military pants with the armored-up look from the game.

Red Hood - 1987olds442
Red Hood – 1987olds442

Here is the Red Hood most DC fans on the internet wanted! Brilliant recipe for this guy and the swappable head is a nice bonus.

Sharon Carter - 1987olds442
Sharon Carter – 1987olds442

I love the ’70s vibe of this costume and the silky smooth bright white paint job is beautiful.  Is it just me, or is this sculpt a bit sexier in this color?

Spirit of Jor-El - mr_mxyzptlk
Spirit of Jor-El – mr_mxyzptlk

I have to admire mr_mxyzptlk’s determination to find uses for that Injustice Superman. It’s interesting to me how much creepier the Question’s head sculpt is without the hat!

Last, but certainly not least, is Prodigy’s Batwoman!

Batwoman - Prodigy
Batwoman – Prodigy

Prod outdid himself this time around building up a solidly muscular, but still feminine, base body from several different sources topped off with an excellent head sculpt and the ever-enviable poseable cloth cape. I love me a Prodigy cloth cape. This is the Kate Kane Batwoman I want to see from DCUC.

That’s it for this week’s New Custom Tuesday!  Please remember to stop by the custom threads and let everybody know what you think of their work!

4 thoughts on “New Custom Tuesday – 7/2/13

  1. Amazing work all around, guys! Stegron has been a huge want for me since I was 9 (!) so it’s always great to see customs of him.

  2. Love the Dino guys! Wouldn’t mind seeing a line of Dino men figures. But would prefer if they all had armor like the Dinosaucers.

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