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Blind Bag Lego Mini-Figures Series 9 Quick Pics

Blind Bag_01

I picked up four packs of Lego Mini-Figure Blind Bags at Toys R Us today at their “buy one get one half off” sale on all Lego products.  I decided to crack them open and take some pics of each.  Take a look!

What did you get?
What did you get?


We call her 'Brave' girl at my house.
We call her “Brave” girl at my house.

Celtic Warrior Maiden

When I brought these figures home, my kids were all over me to open them up.  See, I gave them a box of my old Legos from the ’80s a few months ago and they have been Lego obsessed ever since.  They immediately claimed their favorite character from the cover of the packets and started rooting for same.  My daughter immediately gravitated toward the Merida-looking gal, and, as her luck would have it, she was the first one we opened.

Blind Bag_03
She comes with a bow and a shield.

She’s an interesting figure to me because her dress is made from one slanted Lego brick and her hair is made from flexible materials.  I’m an ’80s Lego kid, so I had never seen that kind of plastic on a Lego product before.  Flexible as it is, it doesn’t really allow her head to move much.  It also makes getting her into any arrow firing positions impossible.


Lego Minifigure Cyclops


This is one of the ones I was most looking forward to getting, so you can imagine how lucky we were feeling when the Cyclops dropped out of the sliced open foil bag.  This guy comes with a club and his eye is reversible so you can get two slightly different expressions.

Lego Mini-Figure Cyclops
I’ve got some clubbing to do.

I also love the outfit they gave him.  Very MOTU-looking belt, isn’t it?


Lego Mini-Figure Knight
Gray Knight


This was another one I was looking forward to since the castle Lego theme was a favorite of mine as a child, but I never owned any sets from it myself. We were feeling pretty good so far with three unique figures.

Lego Knight with Visor up
Well hello, princess!

He comes with a shield and a somewhat flimsy sword.  A cool thing I liked was that you could actually see his eyes under the visor.  It’s a good thing I was pleased with this one because…


Lego Minifigure Knight
Another Knight!

The Knight

Ah, the dreaded blind bag duplicate!  A hazard of this type of collecting has to be expected, but you hope against it.  Still, if you have to have dupes, this is a good one to have.  Army building is fun in many scales.

Two Lego Knights
Hey good lookin’!

Another interesting thing about this Knight figure to me is that his helmet seemed to be the same space-man helmet my son had on his Galaxy Squad guy, just the visor is different. It works pretty well for a Knight’s helmet as well.

Two Lego Knights Chase the Cyclops
Kill the BEAST!

I really enjoyed the whole process of buying, opening, assembling and photographing these mini-figures.  The graphic simplicity of Lego Men always brings a smile to my face and I can see myself picking up a few more of these while the sale is on.

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1 thought on “Blind Bag Lego Mini-Figures Series 9 Quick Pics

  1. I LOVE the ogre so much, Matt. I have three now and I just cannot get enough of him. I have searching fruitlessly for the mermaid for daughter’s room (she has a theme) but I am only going to give it a couple more tries before I just ebay the damned thing. Then again, more chances means more possible ogres…

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