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Aliens and Prometheus Test Shots

NECA has been dropping the preview goodness today on Twitter.  Come to think of it, NECA drops a lot of cool info on Twitter, so if you are interested in their stuff, or just toy making in general, they are worth a follow @NECA_TOYS.

The above two pics show off some of the amazing articulation in their upcoming Hudson figure from their Aliens Series 1 set coming in spring 2013.  I’m seeing double knees, ankles, toe hinges, ball jointed hips… the works.  I love it.  Looks like there will be different releases of Hudson with different accessories and head sculpts.  Series one will feature Hudson with his “Game over, man!” crying face, Hicks, and a new warrior Alien.  After years and years of Aliens and Predators, how great is it to finally get figs of these guys (and hopefully gals — Vasquez, please NECA) who have to fight them?

Another nicely articulated figure from NECA is the Prometheus series 2 David figure.  That bubble helmet looks pretty boss, doesn’t it?

Look at the movement on this guy!  I love that just as much care and attention to detail goes into these human figures in a monster movie line.  David comes in Prometheus Series 2, due early 2013.