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Warlords of the Universe – On Sale 12/12/12!

Joe Amaro is back with a new cool custom creation that you can buy for use with your MOTUC figures!

On sale this Wednesday, this custom set allows you to transform your existing Castle Grayskullman into a brand new character, or for those lucky enough to grab some extra CGM figures, an army builder!

I suppose you could buy this just as a base for CGM and use the skull and helmet to create an additional character of your own using another MOTUC body or as set dressing for your collection.  I have to say, I love this concept wholeheartedly and hope to see more add on parts for MOTU figures in the future.  I can imagine tons of custom kits that would allow you to create a host of brand new characters by adding parts to existing figures.  It would take advantage of the existing parts-swapping capabilities of these figures and could actually help Mattel sell extras of the figures to fanatics like me.  For a line that seems to be always teetering on the edge of cancellation, that can only help, right?

The set going on sale this Wednesday at 9 PM, EST includes the rocky base, a skull, and a helmet all for $30 shipped in the U.S.  That seems a little high until you factor in that it’s hand cast and painted.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the vintage style commercial at  It sells this set better than I ever could.


Customizing sets on sale Wednesday Dec. 12th at 9 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

No minimum order.

WARNING: This is not a toy! It is intended for an adult collector and not children. It is a fan made item and has not been tested. The items contains sharp points and if broken make cause a choking hazard. Buyer accepts all responsibility.


   x1 Skull Head

   x1 Removable Helmet

   x1 Display Stand



– Cast in Black Resin

-The skull head does snap on and off (no need to glue)

-Head has full motion same as a standard production head.

– Hand Painted

 – $25.00 U.S. plus $5.00 shipping

– $30.00 International plus $5.00 shipping

(Sorry my international friends but it cost more and is more difficult to ship stuff to you so the extra cost should cover the extra shipping, customs forms, handling and such)


2 thoughts on “Warlords of the Universe – On Sale 12/12/12!

  1. Awwww man….I passed on getting a CGman mainly cause he looked like Hulk Hogan….well after he had been interred for a couple of years anyway, his body sculp was kool and I saw the potential for an army builder especially a guard detail for the new Castle GraySkull on the way…..but the too ugly for radio mug drove me off and now I know they’re not going to release them anymore, even if fans demand one more go so says Matty nooooo. So I missed out I guess, shame too if I hadn known about this juicy extra I may have bit on a CGman or 3…….

  2. You better not let Mattel see you plugging a 3rd party option! They might get mad and not let you do First Look’s anymore!

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