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Power-Con 2012 – Custom Figures by masterenglish

As a customizer who is also an MOTU nut, one of the highlights of this year’s Power-Con was being able to check out all the great customs by He-Mike and masterenglish.  Click through for more pics of the custom figures on display at masterenglish’s booth.

I love this transformation of the Draego-Man body into an Evil Black Knight.   By removing some of the fins on the Space Ace helmet, masterenglish tranformed it into a really great looking Knight’s helm.

The inclusion of a bat winged steed completes the character who has a bit of a Frazetta ‘Death Dealer’ vibe.

This guy is called Kunckle-Head and features a Fisto fist with a Beast Man claw tip that I couldn’t quite get a good angle on.  The thing I love most about this one is masterenglish uses the roboto arms in a new way.  It looks like he has techno parts bursting from inside his body.

Instead of looking completely robotic, there’s a really gross cyborg feel to him.

I like the look of this Wind Raider repaint — stealth-raider.

This guy was called Toma-Hawk and sports a completely new head sculpt.  I love the bright blue on this guy.

This guy is masterenglish’s take on a fandom-created character called Cact-Eye.  He’s meant as an opponent for Rio-Blast and, as created, can shoot the spikes from his body as an offensive weapon.

I love the paint job on this one.  The brown highlights on the light green areas have a cool organic feel to them that lend a bit of realism to the unreal color scheme.

On the right, you can see a newer custom named Blizzlor, a yeti-like creature made from Grizzlor.  Masterenglish removed the fur from his Grizzlor figure, created a pattern from the fur, and cut out a new fur piece from some white fur bought at a fabric store.  The final effect is way cooler than I would have expected a Grizzlor repaint to be.

The guy on the right is called Voo-Doo, and I was really impressed at the burlap sack pattern detail sculpted over most of the body.  It’s such tiny, precise detail work that I can’t imagine doing anything like it.

This guy is called Obeast and is one of my favorite masterenglish customs.  He’s based on a Marvel Legends Blob figure.  I just love the color and design of this guy.  MOTU needs some Trolls and Orks!

This character is called Hand-Some and is based on some Mattel design work from the Power and Honor Foundation book.  The character in the book was just a guy with big hands, but masterenglish decided that maybe it would be cool if he could add a lot of different attachments.

The attachments are all magnetized for easy part swapping.  One hilarious addition was boots so Hand-Some can easily stand on his hands.

Joe Amaro had a couple of his custom figures on display at masterenglish’s table as well, including the above amazingly massive Ram Man.  He also had a new character based on some Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the Masters of the Universe movie.

This concept was created as a sort of low-budget idea to replace Orko in an economical way.  Joe sculpted this figure in a 3D sculpting program and was able to test out different ideas for paint jobs on his 3D model before applying the final to the figure.  It’s a pretty amazing looking figure in person, and he is a cool little guy that adds some nice size variation to Joe’s MOTU collection.  No word on whether or not Joe is going to sell copies of this figure, but I would buy one if he did.

He-Mike also had one of his new figures on display at masterenglish’s table, the above Gy-Gor variant.  This guy is based on some cool Gy-Gor concept art from The Power and Honor Foundation book.  The armor fabrication on this guy is so insanely smooth and professional looking.  We’ll have more He-Mike pics up soon as he also had his own booth at Power-Con. Keep an eye out!

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6 thoughts on “Power-Con 2012 – Custom Figures by masterenglish

  1. Masterenglish has the best custom figures. At 1st I thought he was FH but they should put he on there team. Dragstor figure is 1 of the best customs he has done that i like. Cool figures!!!

  2. ME is fantastic at what he does. I especially love all of his original characters and those that he adapts from concept art.

    His Dragstor remains one of my favorite MOTUC customs. It’s one of the few out there that will certainly get made, but will have a hard time topping an existing custom version.

  3. PERFECT SUPERMAN!!!! but can we get a better look? i cant believe how random it is to throw supes in there. is that part of the “custom” table? NEED to know more about that. it almost looks like a Return of the Dark Knight supes.

  4. OMG those things are awesome. I’ve always said that if there was a Mount Rushmore for MOTUC customizing Master English and He-Mike have to go on it.

    All of those new customs are SO amazing and make me so jealous of the level of skill involved. I adore that Black Knight custom take using Draego and that recipe is 100% swiped as I have a couple of extra Draego Man figures and an extra SDCC helmet too. Dropping the extra Draego wings onto an extra Swift Wind repaint seems easy enough to do.

    Will also have to adopt the Cact-Eye idea as it’s too cool not to use and I have extra Spikor armor and head hanging around in the fodder box.

    Blizzlor is likewise amazing but that one is beyond my skill level and so I can’t copy, can just drool. Ditto Obeast and Handsome.

    Toma Hawk is pretty awesome too – but I’ve already got 2 bird based characters almost done that utilize Hawkman wings – so may not copy that one directly, no matter how cool it looks. He would pair up nicely with an Arak and Rio Blast (and Cact-Eye) for a more “western” themed corner of Eternia.

    I also love the other stuff unmentioned – Horde Mummy, Sun Man, etc. Just fantastic stuff.

    Can’t wait to see the profile on He-Mike’s table as that is sure to be similarly amazing.

  5. So many great customs, I love that white Grizzlor, and that Knight black with his strange horse, I love the concept Mummy horde.

    This guys sell the figures in the con ? cheers Mathew.

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