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Custom Spotlight – Dormammu’s Loki

This week’s Custom Spotlight goes to Fwoosh customizer Dormammu for his classic Loki. Read on for more!

Discuss this custom further at his thread in the custom galleries:

But now…. it’s time…. for one of Marvel’s greatest villains, in his classic duds, of course. I had the Hasbro Loki head for probably a year or something, thinking I’d be one of the first to try this. One or two people beat me to the punch. I admit to procrastinating about how to properly create his Medieval outfit–that yellow harlequin hood hanging from his shoulders. After forgetting about it, over and over, I finally did it all in a two-hour blast of production. Then, two weeks later, I had another creative super-attack and designed his comicky throne, Buscema style.


-Hasbro Loki head
-DCUC Guardian buck

-Painter’s tape



Together at last, my two favourite villains



Zoom in (real dimensions: 720 x 480)

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