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SDCC 2012 – Preview Night Masters of the Universe

There was a lot of new Masters of the Universe stuff to see at preview night.  Click through for more pics and thoughts on the MOTU offerings from Mattel and Icon Heroes.

For my money, the most striking new item on display at Mattel was clearly Granamyr.  The sculpt is humongous and incredibly detailed.  I was most impressed with the textures.

The scaly detail is incredible and really conveys that this character is ancient.  He’s going to be the centerpiece of my MOTU collection, I don’t care about the cost.

Next on the most-impressive parade is this great display that harkens back to one of the old collection posters from the ’80s.  I’m in love with rocky outcropping sculpts and the lava lights from below.

We also got a closer look at what looks like a production Dragon Blaster Skeletor.  Even though the Dragon fell off his back, he looks fantastic on this rocky outcropping lit from below by lava.

Dragon Paws

Another nice touch is more close-up time with what looked like a production Mekanek.

He’s looking pretty cool.  The next most impressive MOTU item for me was not by Mattel, but rather Icon Heroes.  It’s CASTLE GRAYSKULL!

Sure, it’s not to scale with your MOTU figures, or really anything, but it’s a great looking little statue and features all four sides of the castle.

Mattel also showed off a new weapons pack, the first one to feature new tooling.  This pack includes weapons originally axed from Draego-Man and Horde Prime, along with Man-At-Arms’ 2002 blaster and Keldor’s 2oo2 swords among other things.

I’m most excited about getting Draego Man’s scimitar, shield and whip.

I didn’t see this belt in the weapons pack, but it’s pretty cool. Not sure where it goes, really.


I enjoyed seeing Spikor up close in advance of his arrival later this month.

Icon Heroes also had these letter opener power swords in multiple colors that look pretty fun.

I also was glad to see the Temple of Darkness Sorceress variant production figure in person.  It’s a real beauty, shame Mattel wasn’t selling her at SDCC.  Oh well, I guess I can wait for Power-Con…

Is it just me, or is Sir Laser-Lot growing on other people?  I’m starting to look forward to this figure.  A lot.  Whew.  That was a lot of MOTU goodness for one day and this is only preview night!  I’m going to take a cue from Lt. John Spector and go get some rest!