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San Diego Comic-Con Anticipation Part II – Twi-hards and Grayskulls

Excited for Comic-Con yet?  I saw some things today (including a peek inside the sales floor) that are making the wait that much more difficult.

Hall H Tent City

I’ve stayed away from the big room, Hall H, the last few years at SDCC.  I was more interested in other things and not as keen on standing in line.  I think I may try and see Tarantino there this year, though.  The sight of this lineup is at the same time exciting and discouraging.


I was a little shocked to see the Twilight fans already lining up for their Thursday AM panel.  It looked like about 50 women all told.  That’s some dedication right there.

Twi-Hard Rules

I also found it interesting how much the organizers planned out their response to the clearly anticipated throngs of Twilight fans waiting overnight.

First Stop Wednesday Evening

This picture won’t mean much to anyone else, I’m sure, but to me it’s extremely exciting.  See, this is my first stop Wednesday evening to pick up my badge.  Here is the spot where I kick off the biggest geek week of the year.

I just like this shot because I walk by here every day, but the little touch of those signs makes this walk better.

Aaaadventure Time!
Some sort of Speeder from Total Recall.

Thanks to Fwoosher TRS, I actually got a peek inside the sales floor during set-up.  This was really kind of thrilling for me in a weird way.  I’ve been going to this con for a while and I’ve never seen it looking like this.  It was a cool behind the scenes moment.

I didn’t get a lot of pics (there wasn’t much set up anyway), because I was concentrating more on not getting run over by teamsters on forklifts.  I did manage to take the above pic of a 30th anniversary banner on Castle Grayskull at the Mattel booth.  It’s kind of funny as they had balloons flying off the parapets of Grayskull in celebration of He-Man’s Birthday.  It’s not much, but it made me smile and look forward to seeing all of the display cases filled.

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