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A Look at Gremlins Series 2 Action Figures from NECA – Available in a Few Weeks

Okay, Gremlins fans – NECA updated their site page about the current status of their Gremlins line. This line is very near and dear to me so I want to see it live on for a very, very long time. There are lots and lots of characters to get to still and it is time for us to show our support. Read on to get the particulars about Gremlins series 2 that is about to drop and details about the future.

From NECA Online:

Start Spreading the News

Everything these days is interactive: Tweet us and we’ll tweet you back. Want to watch Gremlins 2: The New Batch to brush up on your Lenny impression before buying the figure? It’s on demand. Pet a cat, it purrs.

Here at NECA HQ, we’re no different, and it’s in that spirit that we’re leaving the choice up to you. We’ve just made these awesome Gremlins Series 2 action figures, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how they came out. We’d love to follow-up with a sequel to our Mogwais Series 1 figures, but it’s time to let the people speak.

We’re putting out Gremlins Series 2, and whether or not we do more Mogwais depends on the response we get on this series. We think it’s great, and we love the Gremlins movies, but if popular demand leads us elsewhere, we’re gonna go. There’s a Mogwai Awareness Petition Facebook group to make your opinion heard, so take a look at Gremlins Series 2 and see if you’ve got any room in your heart for these mystical beasties.

 A Power Trio

Gremlins Series 2 has three figures of Gremlins from 1990′s Gremlins 2: The New Batch. All three figures are brand new and will be available at your favorite toy store in before the end of July! Click the images to enlarge:

Brown Gremlin

Ready to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting Manhattan, the Brown Gremlin comes with sunglasses and a cigarette. You can almost hear him singing “New York, New York” through that menacing grin.

Phantom Gremlin

After having his face horribly burned by acid, the Phantom Gremlin picked up a mask and one of the movie’s best parodies (right up there with the George Gremlin) was born. Figure comes with his own mask and the acid jar.

Lenny Gremlin

Not to be confused with Daffy Gremlin from the first series, you’d never know it to look at Lenny’s goofy face that he’s based in part on a John Steinbeck character from Of Mice and Men, but it’s true. George’s partner in crime, Lenny comes with a necktie. Don’t forget, we’ve got Mogwai Lenny too!

Could This Be the End?

Gremlins collectors unite! Don’t let this be the last series of Gremlins figures. If you find, however, that these figures aren’t enough to whet your Gremlins appetite (they’re delicious), have a gander at our super-limited Brown Gremlin Stunt Puppet Replica:

Hand painted, over  30″ tall and only 1000 made worldwide, the rubber and latex Brown Gremlin Stunt Puppet Replica is the ultimate piece of Gremlins memorabilia. Cast directly from the puppet used inThe New Batch, it’s as close as you’re going to get to actually having your house destroyed by Gremlins. Also makes great decor in small children’s bedrooms!

Maybe it wasn’t a place for people anyway. It was a place for things. You make a place for things… things come. — Daniel Clamp

Make sure you catch up on the whole NECA Gremlins collection and don’t miss out on the Flasher Gremlin from the first batch of action figures. If you didn’t get it last year, we’ve still got some of our San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Gizmo 4″ action figures left too!

Plenty of Gremlins love to go around, and hopefully more to come! Keep it tuned to NECAOnline for updates on Gremlins and all your favorite games, movies and more!

I will be buying more than my fair share, let’s hope this series is a big success!

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