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ThreeA Shipping News! ZOMBKIN!!!

ThreeA Toys posted a shipping update on their blog: I pray this isn’t a cruel joke.

Shipping next week

As promised earlier, I received a shipping update and shipping plans for this month , however I prefer to stick with weekly updates (as they are more accurate and cause less confusion). So what’s starting to ship out next week?

AK Zombkin (AP Zombs are shipping slightly later on)
AP Popbot
Popbot 7 Bones Kyoku
and Popbot Shadow & Light Oyas to contest winners (we know who you are).

Please don’t forget that you are more than welcomed to contact our customer service professionals at [email protected] , if you have problems with your figures or want to find out something about your order (whether it’s tracking address, additional information or anything else). And if you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice to 3Asupport on twitter or checkout our official page on Facebook.

As always, talk about it on our forums:

5 thoughts on “ThreeA Shipping News! ZOMBKIN!!!

  1. 1. Their policy has always been to either ship the broken piece or the full figure back. There have been instances when they send replacement figures without requiring you to ship your broken figure back. But for the most part you are required to ship the figure or broken piece back.

    2. They are not shipping the Zombs, only the Zombkin which is a 2 figure set that includes the 12″ and 6″ versions. The 6″ Zombkin hasn’t been considered part of the portable universe, its been marketed as a little version of the 12″ figure/character. The Zombs which are noted as shipping later are the zombie singles and sets that were offered during the Zombkin sale.

    3. Yes their information is all over the place these days. You have to search the blog, facebook, twitter, forums for news; this seems to tap into the intense collector personality. It isn’t customer friendly but it does seem to drive traffic for them. We troll all those channels and we’ll do our best to post what we think relevant to fwooshers in the zine.

  2. Wait. Over eight months late and STILL not shipping the entire order? And their customer service is a joke. Total crap customer service that has refused to fix my broken Blind Cowboy set unless I ship it to them. It arrived BROKEN! $270 for a busted ass toy and statue set.

    When does 3A start sending all of us investors our checks?

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