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CC30: Arkham Asylum Minimates by Bob Harris

After a terribly long absence DC Minimates are back! And they are back with a bang! Inspired by the most critically acclaimed superhero game ever, Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum are proud to announce the first box set of ARKHAM ASYLUM Minimates! Surprisingly Chuck from DST gave the green light to start the line with a villains 4-pack! So from the famous psychiatric hospital located on the outskirts of Gotham City, the first set brings you four of its most notable inmates: the Joker in straightjacket, Killer Croc from beneath the caverns of the Asylum, the psychotic serial killer Victor Zsasz and the mighty Bane. Each Minimate stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation.

The Joker


Being an unrepentant homicidal maniac, extremely manipulative and antisocial, he is one of the most challenging patients at Arkham.

Killer Croc


Born with a series of physical disfigurements, Waylon Jones is a misanthrope increasingly embracing an animalist, subhuman self-conception, viewing himself as a dangerous beast.

Victor Zsasz


A low-minded sociopath and asocial serial killer, carving a mark for each of his victims into his own body.



One of the worst substance abuse cases, Bane is both physically and mentally addicted to the Venom compound, becoming a physical monstrosity and a highly intelligent and strategic mind.

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