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CC30: Arkham Asylum Minimates by Bob Harris

Name: Bob Harris

Email: [email protected]


Axe Cop & Dr. McNinja



Joker: The straightjacket and hand cart are from the great Silence of the Lambs box set. Joker’s face is a decal and his hair is a recolored piece.


Killer Croc: Base figure is movie Abomination wit some sculpting and repainting and a decal for his face nd chest.


Zsasz: He’s a nude Minimate with decals for his face and tattoos for which I used some elements and inspiration from Luke’s amazing Minimate Factory ( The sleeves consist of Ghostbuster Minimate ellbow pads and Firefighter sleeves.


Bane: Base figure for Bane is the recent Juggernaut Minimate with lots of sculpting, extra parts, repainting and a lot of little plastic pieces.

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