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Mattel New York Comic Con Update – DC Edition

Our first DC report right from the floor! No need to mess around, just check out the pics!

Mattel said they would be showing us the winner of the Club Exclusive fan poll, Metron and his Mobius Chair, and they did! Metron is a 2UP (12″) prototype, and the chair prototype is actual size!

The three, previously shown 2UPs of the Jay Garrick Flash, Atrocitus, and Starman subscription figures were on display as well. But there are no further announcements about Club Infinite Earths for New York Comic Con.

As for the DC retail lines… Some new Batman Legacy figures were shown.

Silver/Bronze Age Catwoman


First Appearance Batman

And what looks to be an Arkham City Nightwing

I assume the first two are singles, and Nightwing will be part of a two pack. More details on that to follow…

For the DC Universe retail line, there were a couple of announcements. First, Larfleeze will be coming out in Spring of 2012 as a retail single.


Also, two TRU exclusive 2-packs were revealed. First, Battle Damaged Batman vs. Azrael (that battle damage will be paint deco, not sculpted)


And Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner vs. Sinestro Corps Hal Jordan


And who is this lil’ ol’ guy? Oh, just a Super Powers Penguin with a kick-ass new head sculpt. He’ll be out in retail in 2012, but it’s yet to be determined what line/execution we’ll see him in.

Toy Guru is excited to get this Penguin out, and insists he’ll never rest until they’ve nailed all the original Super Powers figures in 4H/DCUC form. Including Batman with no black mask shading, which he was quick to point out that the one from the upcoming 2-pack does not have.

He also would like to get the word out that the main 6″ DC retail offerings WILL NOT BE ONLY DCNU designs! Yes, there will be some, but the emphasis of the retail offerings will focus on more “well known” characters, and that may include old or new versions of those characters.  So I’m personally holding out hope for a Golden Age Supes and Earth-2 Robin.

Oh, and here’s a Young Justice 6″ Sportsmaster. Boom.