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First Look – Justice League Unlimited Fan Demanded Collection

Any time you find yourself arriving at the end of an era, it is only natural for a lot of emotions to come into play. Some sadness, some anxiety, happiness perhaps, and maybe even some optimism might overtake moments of contemplation when you start to realize that things won’t be the same. It is funny (certainly not “ha-ha” funny) that there is a lot of that going on with the DC Universe – and I don’t mean just the comics. The status quo of DC action figures is also at a crossroads as we see our beloved collector lines changing course for a variety of reasons. The DC Universe Classics line is being completely repurposed with a subscription program and a new approach at retail, the Young Justice offerings are coming into their own and are looking spectacular and the tried and true Justice League Unlimited line has had about four or five curtain calls. Well, for the latter, if a plastic miracle does not occur, we will be saying a fond farewell in November to the little Timm-Toy line that could. However, in loving fashion, Mattel is offering a classy send off to the JLU line in the form a seven pack of all of those remaining in-show League holdouts, the Fan Demanded Collection if you will. Hey, I wanted that Blue Beetle figure more than anyone but I have to admit, this is a very nice ride off into the sunset.

The Fan Demanded Collection

If any toy line in recent memory has been a labor of love, it is JLU. I don’t restrict that to just the guys making the toys either (though that is most certainly true and very apparent), the fans have been committed like none other to seeing this animated universe fill out as completely as possible. The fact is though, even with a decade’s worth of figures (a heck of a lot more if you count the BTAS figures that came before) probably won’t cover a place as expansive as the DCU. However, with Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Dr. Mid-Nite, the Creeper, Gypsy, Speedy and the Crimson Avengrer the card-carrying members of the of animated League are now all in plastic and I think that is a pretty awesome accomplishment. Scott, Bill, Frank (I spy you on that box!) and all of the rest of the DC team put together a really great set that I think will leave fans (the sane ones anyway) with a smile. Now, I know we have heard “last product” before with this line, but I think it will take a lot to move beyond this set and if that is the case, I am cool with it. Like I said, I would LOVE to get that Beetle, but this is a hell of way to go.

So, if this be the last time we get a chance to offer you a look at a brand new JLU product I want to say thanks to the Mattel DC team, the creators of the show, the diehard fans and the readers. It has been a fun and diverse ride and when it comes to selection in a consistent manner, it is going to take a lot to eclipse this one. So, I won’t bore you with a smarmy and sad send off, just check out the toys and be on Matty Collector on November 15th to pick up this great swan song.

*Thanks so much to the entire Mattel DC team for their years of commitment to this brand. For a line that revolves around a show that has been off the air for the better part of a decade we have much to be thankful for!

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6 thoughts on “First Look – Justice League Unlimited Fan Demanded Collection

  1. Great figures, I’m planning on getting at least 1 of these 7 packs, but most likely 2. THe thing is, I am planning on a bunch of the 7 pack to be turned into customs. Either way Matty is getting my money. Some as simple as putting a new head on or arms (Speedy needs the medium build arms), others are getting a total overhaul.

  2. As a JSA fan, I love the fact that Dr. Mid-Nite and Johnny Thunder and his T-Bolt both made the cut.

  3. love the way mattel decided to finish off the line with the crimson avenger and also how they did tbolt. in so cool pink plastic. a nice swan song for the jlu as toys.

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