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Ask Matty – 8/31/11

Hey! It’s a day earlier than usual! Matty and team are back for more answers to your questions while we await the fate of the Club Infinite Earths subscription. Take it away!

1. So, come October we wil have shiny new Wind Raider for our collections, but since he was not included with the vehicle, does the Wind Raider pilot from the old Grayskull painting still have a shot at making it into the MOTUC line?

Just because he is not coming with the Windraider does not mean he is off the table for a figure. We are well aware of demand for this guy! You never know.

2. When we will know more information about the definitive DC plans for retail and other outlets in 2012? At this point, any news would be welcome as we are all kind of hanging.

More updates to come at NYCC and on!

3. You said that with the DC subscription, the larger characters would no long have size restrictions due to the packaging. Can you give us a realistic idea of what that means though in relation to the price point? Tytus and Megator were both $40 and not much bigger than Giganta, would it be about the same thing we can expect for a $30 price?

There are some differences between the DCU and MOTU lines, so it’s hard to make a direct comparison. What we can say is that the oversized DCU figures will be sure to delight the fans!

4. Matty – even with DC doing this (seemingly) poorly-conceived relaunch of their universe and characters, why is there not room at retail for both parent and kid friendly lines, as well as collector lines with classic figures? Why does the division of retail and Matty Collector have to be made so sharply? The “adult collector” market is still very much alive.

Yes, we know that the adult collector market is very much alive, and that’s why we wanted to offer the best solution for that market…product that lives on the Mattel home for action figure collector product –

5. Matty, I am a DC fan that signed up for not one, but TWO subscriptions to the Club Infinite Earths. I did this because I want to continue to collect the classic characters that I know and love. For the first time I feel like I have to rely on other fan’s (not retailers) commitment in order to continue to take part in a hobby that I have loved for a long time. If the sub does not go through what is next for someone like me? Someone who bought in and encourged others to do so? When does doing all that is being asked of me to let my hobby continue not being enough become okay? I am starting to feel very alientated so I really hope that sub goes through. Thanks.

We have an awesome line up of characters that we’d love to produce, and we’re hoping just as much as you are that Club Infinite Earths goes through!

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2 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 8/31/11

  1. How was a “surprise” figure subscription with ridiculous shipping charges the “best solution for that market”?

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