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Ask Matty – 8/15/11

Well, here we are on the 15th and you know the drill – Main Man Matty has returned with answers to your burning questions!

1. Right now, the Club Ecto-1 description lists “Ready to Believe You” Peter and the Rookie figure both coming with the Taxi Cab ghost – is that a misprint? Will both figures come with the same ghost?

Yes, this is an error. The Taxi Cab Ghost will come with Peter only.

2. Now that the FilMation rights are on the table, who are the most wanted FilMation characters from the MOTUC team (Scott, Bill, Terry, etc)?

We all tend to have our favorites. The Horsemen really want to do Fangman (Eric) and Lizard Man (CB), Terry is big on some of the POP female Horde members, and although it probably won’t be for a while, Scott would love to get to Plundar one day!

3. Since a deal with Classic Media is now in place, is it possible tht we might see some OTHER FilMation properties pop up for toy lines? How about Blackstarr or Brave Star making cameoes in the MOTUC line?

Not at this time. The license only covers MOTU and POP, it does not extend to any other Filmation properties.

4. Is there any chance that the Jewelstar figure can be cast in pink translucent plastic for the final figure? That could add a lot of , ahem, pop to release.

This is something Terry is looking into. Nothing to confirm yet!

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3 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 8/15/11

  1. Yes, I hope it gets done. Besides, with the Goddess figure, at least on mine, it was the solid colored plastic crotch piece that broke, not the translucent plastic. And I’ve never had a problem with any other translucent figures I’ve ever had (Holocaust, Invisible woman, etc)

  2. Re: Translucent Jewelstar – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Did we learn nothing from the Goddess and her amazing “crumbling to dust” power?

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