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DC Universe Classics Series 18 Packaged Pictures

We have a little DCUC 18 appetizer for you ready to go. Here are some packaged pictures of the entire wave, so enjoy for now. Personally, for not being the biggest Super Friends fan in the world (though I have nothing against it) I think everything is look great so far.

*Thanks to Fwoosher trs for the pics!

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7 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Series 18 Packaged Pictures

  1. It’s fine though since I want everyone but him and bronze tiger from this wave.

  2. I see is that not show that BAF piece for each figure, a strategy to increase speculation and the value of each figure?

    The Superfriends are great, Tyger Bronze 7 / 10 and Captain Boomerang and Toyman me indifferent, I’d rather have taken the master mirror or Doctor Polaris

  3. I’m sorry but the double joints on Captain Boomerang look terrible. Is it just me, or is his thigh way too long before it finally bends at the knee?

  4. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I think I’ve begun to get bored of this line.

    It’s been so great to finally get some decent DC figures (don’t start me on DC Direct) but the continue use of the same 3 or 4 body sculpts has taken the excitement away for me.

    I’ve passed on wave 2 of the Green Lantern classics line and I’ll definitely pass on wave 17 of the classics line – the thing is I know when I pop each new figure out of the box it’ll feel, move and stand just like all the others.

    I’m an ungrateful wretch!

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