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Ask Matty – 3/1/11

While there might be cause for joking around this time next month, today we get straight answers right from the source:

1. Several months ago, you stated that we would be seeing 4 female figures in the MOTUC line in 2011. Now that we have seen Catra and Battle Ground Teela, that leaves just two slots. You mentioned at Toy Fair that She-Ra was being redone to correct some things on the old figure and so that she will be able to sit on Swiftwind – is that figure taking one of the female spots or are there sill two ladies yet to be revealed?

The new She-Ra we are working on is not one of the four females slotted in for 2011. So with the addition of a new She-Ra there will now be five females in 2011.

2. The Batman Legacy line looks like a great way to include figures from various media outlets including Comics, Video Games and Movies; can you give us the full line up of what is going to be included in these sets? It was a little hard to tell from the set up at Toy Fair.

You can find all of this information posted on our news page where we posted a review of the NYTF collector night!

3. Will the DCUC 18 Bronze Tiger be the variant figure for that series? He was displayed with two heads but none of the figures were specifically marked as the series variant.

There will be a variant pack-out with each head, but both versions will come with both heads.

4. Unfortunately, Toy Fair did not bring about any news of new DC Retro-Action or Real Ghostbusters product in development. Can we expect these lines to continue on, or does this mean that they are finished?

We do have more plans for both lines but are not set to announce them yet. Ideally we will have more news at SDCC.

5. This one is for Toy Guru – Sir, we heard that you are lamenting the fact that our dear old Granny Goodness was never able to appear in the JLU line. Wouldn’t the very best medicine for that ailment be a Granny Goodness figure in the DCUC line? She would make a great addition to our favorite DC line!

She certainly would. Even in the DCUC line she is a 100% tool and we only have one or two slots per year for a figure with this much tooling. She is a candidate for a slot like this, but just is not slotted in yet. Maybe down the road!

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