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How to Add Height to Your Sinestro Corps Sinestro – Part I

Greetings customizers! Lesternessman here and today I’m gonna show you how to mod that midget SC Sinestro you have on display into a more accurate representation of himself…in other words make him taller among other things. To do this mod, you’ll need the stock SC Sinestro and Deadman, pictured below. Each are partially dissembled, easiest way to get to this stage is to pop the crouch and work your way up. Sinestro’s is pretty easy, so I’d start with him.

The parts we need to harvest from Deadman, the abs aka lower torso, hips, legs and forearms. You’ll also notice this Sinestro has Abin Sur’s forearms. You can use those if you’ve got a spare, but if you don’t have him, I’ll show you how to mod Deadman’s forearms as well later in part 2 of the tutorial.
Once you get into Deadman torso, you’ll notice his ab articulation is slightly different than SInestro’s. Sinestro’s ab’s hinge onto a bar that runs across the inside of the torso, seen here:

Deadman’s ab section has that bar molded on to the abs and it locks into the upper torso. So, to get it out you need to cut the posts off where they enter the upper torso. Here’s what it’ll look like when done.

Before we can get the Deadman abs to fit onto Sinestro, we need to do some more mods. For one thing, we have to remove the remnants of the articulation. Grab your dremel or a drill and put two holes on each side of the torso. You can use Sinestro’s as a guide if his parts are sitting there next to you. The DM abs are also tad too wide and tall to fit inside Sinestro’s upper torso. So with your favorite sanding tool, do the top and sides of the ab joint. Test fit along the way, once it fits, go a little further to account for a little space in the joint to avoid paint rub in the back and front. The finished piece will look like this:

Aside from swapping out the forearms, the top half is done for now. Next we need to mod the bottom half. Heat up the feet and swap those out. Next, take Sinetro’s belt and hollow out the center. First I cut out along the edges with an exacto, best to do this with the belt upside down. One I have the center cut out, I go over the cut with a dremel to allow for a nice fit on the Deadman hips. You can glue it down if you want, but it isn’t necessary.

Once you’re done with the belt, test fit everything to make sure it all lines up the way its supposed to. If it does, apply glue to the insides (careful around anywhere associated with articulation) and you’ll have this:

*Stay tuned for Part II coming soon!

8 thoughts on “How to Add Height to Your Sinestro Corps Sinestro – Part I

  1. Thanks for the comments! Yeah, I don’t advise using Abin. His abs don’t add any additional height to the figure as they are shorter than Deadman’s ab section. Abin came with two right arms so I went another route I’ve traveled before…stay tuned for part two coming soon.

  2. i broke the head off my walmart GL Sinestro and stuck in on Maash. had to drill it a little.

  3. nice. I was thinking of taking a thaal sinestro and a maash/low body and just replace the head and hand.

  4. Looks great. Don’t forget to fix the Abin Sur forearms, you have them attached to the wrong sides. Can’t wait to see the complete mod!

  5. This is great and it’s inspired me to modify my own Sinestro, albeit using parts from BL Abin Sur. Ran into some unique challenges with Abin’s abs, though. The inside has a large hollow post sticking out which prevents the piece to sit on the post inside Sinestro’s upper torso. I’m going to try to remove Sin’s post and try to work the articulation the way it was on Abin.

    I’m looking forward to part two!

  6. Great article so far! I’m sure there are a lot of us who’ll make use of it.

    Maybe even Mattel! 😀

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