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Ibentmyman-thing: Dr. Venom, Cobra Commander, and Scarface Heads

G.I. Joe Classified is my favorite line going right now, but they do have a bit of a shipping problem which is exacerbated by how badly I want the new releases. It’s hard to keep the enthusiasm going during these lulls, but fortunately third party sculptors have released a lot of cool stuff you can use with your Classified figures. Today we’re looking at some awesome comic-inspired heads that can work with G.I. Joe Classified by Fwoosher Ibentmyman-thing!

If you didn’t already know, Fwoosh forum mod and front page editor Ibentmyman-thing is also an excellent customizer, sculptor, and action figure painter. He sculpts his own stuff and sells painted casts on his ebay page. I was fortunate enough to grab three G.I. Joe comic-based characters recently including Dr. Venom, Cobra Commander, and Scarface.

Scarface was a cobra officer featured in a couple of early plot lines of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic book. He was used as a pawn in the various schemes of the Cobra leadership. Benty nailed the scars and the classic red mask you saw in the books. The custom paint is very nice and I especially like the piercing eyes. The head is hollow, so it pops right on a Cobra officer with no effort, you just need some sort of filler like blue tack to have it sit right. I think he would look great leading troops even if you didn’t care one way or another about Scarface.

He wasn’t sculpted with wearing the helmet in mind, but I did get it on there. I don’t leave it on because I want to see those scars better and if you do add the helmet, be careful because there is a possibility that you could rub the paint off.

I think we’ve all heard the rumors that Hasbro won’t release a hooded Cobra Commander. I have no official corroboration of that or a great love for the look, but when I saw this, I bought it as fast as I could. The sculpting captures the vibe of that early comic issue or V2 Cobra Commander figure look that I kind of doubt would be used in the Classified style even if they did do a Hooded CC. Besides, I have three or four of this guy already, so I wanted a way to differentiate between the variants a bit more than just color. This is the lounging around the throne CC, the watching deathmatches in The Arena of Sport CC, dinner party CC. I really like the way the hood drapes here, as it’s not too flared out or windswept and the angry eyes are perfect for CC.

Last, but certainly not least, Dr. Venom is a Cobra villain from the early run of the ARAH book. Sort of Dr. Mindbender before there was a Dr. Mindbender, Venom featured in some classic story-lines and spearheaded such evil scientific developments as the Brainwave Scanner, a plague toxin, and the S.N.A.K.E. battle armor. He was on par with Destro, Baroness, and Cobra Commander in terms of evil plotters in the Cobra organization and frequently ran afoul of Snake Eyes and the Mercenary Kwinn. Again, I think Benty nailed the smug lear and evil grin from the books perfectly. I’ve wanted to make a Dr. Venom for a while, but could never find the right head for him until now. I used an extra Everett Ross figure for the body with a soft goods lab coat from GPSLot on Ebay, but I have an extra Reed Richards lab coat I may add to a suit body with blue pants and a white shirt since he’s usually depicted in that. I also need to make a Brainwave Scanner somehow.

If you like any of these I suggest you head over to Benty’s ebay or follow him on instagram @ibmmt_ for updates on what he’s making.

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