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CC27: BIG time Avengers by jakey-jake

Upon completion of reading all 500 issues of The Avengers (along with keeping up with the current ongoing series) it became evident that while Toybiz and Hasbro have done an excellent job of producing a great number of earth’s mightiest heroes, there are a great number of “assemblers” left to fill the mansion! Collected here are 7 of the greatest (unmade) members to ever carry and Avengers Priority Card. Plus, the added bonus of a giant sized Super Adaptoid. After all, what’s the point of having BIG time Avengers if you don’t have a BIG time villain for them to throw down with! If your favorite is missing, don’t worry, it simply means that they have already received my custom treatment (Photon, Swordsman, Jocasta, Starfox, US Agent, Machine Man, Cage) or they are on my list for Custom Cons to come!

Jake Schroeder (jakey-jake) [email protected]

Figures and Recipes:

-Head-ML Psylocke
-Hair-DCUC Big Barda and sculpt
-Hands-?-Fodder Bin
-Boots-ML 2-Pack Elektra
-Cape-DCSH Batgirl
-Rest- DCUC Cheetah

-Head-DCUC Mr. Terrific
-Hands-LCBH Madman
-Legs-ML Dr. Strange
-Boots-ML 2 pack Daredevil
-Rest-ML Banshee

Matt Murdock (Avenger Attorney)
-Head-ML 2 pack Daredevil Variant
-Rest-Movie Masters Harvey Dent

-Head-Gigantic Battles Goliath
-Rest-ML Icons yellow DD

-Hair-ML10 Omega Red and sculpt
-Head/Neck/Boots-Roto-cast movie Invisible Woman
-Rest-ML Icons Dark Phoenix and sculpt

Ms. Marvel (Classic or Dark Avengers)
-Head-ML Shanna
-Arms/Boots-ML Wasp
-Rest-ML 2 pack Elektra

Super Adaptoid
-Head-Original Sculpt
-Wings-ML Wasp
-Rest-Icons Cap and sculpt

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