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CC27: Marvel Legends Wrecking Crew by CaptainRon

The long awaited bunch of villians is finally heading to toy collection near you. That’s right folks coming in the Summer of 2011, The Wrecking Crew in 6″ scale of pure super-villian awesomeness. From The Wrecker to Piledriver, Thunderball to Bulldozer the “Crew” is all here and ready to wallop any superhero that is dumb enough to get in their way. Each figure is highly detailed and carefully painted. As an added bonus, if you collect all four figures, you can build you very own bank robbery backdrop. These baddies are sure to fly off the shelves, so catch them if you can!

Ronald Watkins (aka CaptainRon)
[email protected]

Marvel Legends Wrecking Crew

Body – DCUC Etrigan
Legs – X-Men Stealth Beast
Feet – ML Thorbuster Ironman
Head – DC Direct Batman (Dark Knight Returns)

Body – SOTA Blanka
Arms – SOTA E Honda
Hands – 12″ Wrestling Figure
Legs – Spiderman Juggernaut
Head – Wrestling Dude

Body – SOTA Blanka
Arms – SOTA E Honda
Gloves – DCUC Darkseid
Legs – Spiderman Juggernaut
Head – UFC Dude

Body and Head – Mezco Movie Hellboy
Arms – SOTA E Honda
Gloves – DCUC Darkseid
Feet – LCBH Marv