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First Look – DC Universe Classics Sinestro Corps Batman

So, it is going to be quite a time for Green Lantern fans over the next year or so. Green Lantern Five pack, Green Lantern Classics line, probably some Green Lantern stuff in DCUC, oh and that whole feature film thing happening next summer. However, Sinestro Corps fans are going to be getting theirs too, especially in the action figure realm. We have already got a good start on the Sin Corps in DCUC but the Green Lantern Classics line is going to bring us, like four new members in the first series alone. But leading off the deluge of yellow (that sounds icky) is the mysterious Sinestro Corps Batman.

So, when this figure was unveiled, fans decried it for being grossly inaccurate to the VERY brief appearance Batman had with a yellow ring. Why, his costume was the purple trainee version, not the full-on Corps member! Well, Mattel went from coy to quite cryptic suggesting that this figure is, in fact, not based off of any comic panel seen so far. So, is that a vague hint of what might be in Batman’s future? Possibly, and if DC is sharing advanced state secrets with Mattel, they are cozy indeed, which is good for the life of this line. Matty went even further by putting a big fat Sinestro Corps logo over Batman’s bio on the card back, obscuring the text. Unfortunately, of all of the figure for this to happen to, the sample I got was mistakenly placed on a DCUC 14 Gold card, so I don’t have a picture to share with you . I guess thems the breaks.

He actually comes off the card with no warpage. Sorry, no pic of the card back.

So, I guess we will be stuck wondering for awhile, but, like the Red Lantern Corps member that will be coming in GLC series 2, Sin Corps Bats looks as though he is making his toy debut ahead of the comics. Like I said, I think that only speaks to the strength of the relationship between DC and Mattel so when 2012 comes around we will be seeing an extension to the partnership.


The figure itself is mostly the larger base body previous Batman figures were based from. He does have the standard issue Sinestro Corps uniform with Bat-costume touches like two point boots, finned gauntlets and his cape and cowl. It is interesting that this is the first time we have gotten a new Batman head sculpt since the original. He has a very harsh sneer, even for Batman. I mean, Batman is always pretty pissed, but this Batman is really pissed.

A construct Batarang? No surprises here.
Batman has always been the accessorizing type

You know, I never thought I would call Batman a niche figure, but here we are. I think that, for the most part, the Batfans and GL guys will be the ones to really gravitate to this version and for most everyone else he might not be the most anticipated figure of the series. Don’t worry, you still have to buy him for your Validus torso and he will still win with moms and kids. It will be interesting though to see where this all goes in the canon of the DC Universe. Is Matty ahead of the curve? Will Bruce be seeing yellow when he gets back? Guess we just have to… stay tuned!

I think he brightens up the place
The DCUC Sinestro Corps is about to get a lot bigger

*And stay tuned for our final day of DCUC First Looks coming tomorrow. There is a lot of purple in your future!

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9 thoughts on “First Look – DC Universe Classics Sinestro Corps Batman

  1. hey guys i wanted to ask you guys a question i picked up this batman at kmart the other day and i noticed that the packaging had a typo instead of his name being sinestro batman it has golden pharaoh as his name do you think it wil be worth anything,
    ty =]

  2. I’m wondering if you can switch the heads on the this bats with prior DCUC batman, I know it doesn’t fit right on the DCSH…

  3. Hey- has anyone tried a head and hand swap of Sinestro and Romat Ru?
    Looks like a good height fix to me.

  4. Sorry but I just need to know: Batman figures line-up shot, the Batman 2nd from the right, what line is that from?!

  5. Let me throw a theory out there:
    This is Batman, but it’s not Bruce Wayne.
    Maybe Jason Todd?
    Or maybe one of the 50 other dudes who’ve put on the costume since Final Crisis.
    Just a theory…

  6. Isn’t it weird that the medium build body on Romat Ru is so much taller than the larger build body on Bruce?

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