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First Look – DC Universe Classics Golden Pharaoh

Pyramid Power!!!

Well, here we are the the final First Look at a standard DCUC 15 figure (Validus SOON!) and it is actually the first numbered figure in the wave – Golden Pharaoh. Ah, what was once a created character for the Kenner Super Powers line with the mysterious “Pyramid Power”, Golden Pharaoh makes his return to action figure aisles [about] 25 years later, this time with “Polarizing Power”!

I am going to hazard a guess and say that 90% of DCUC fandom fall into two categories with relation to the recreated Super Powers figures – love ’em or hate ’em. But you know, lots of characters I like that if you really think about it. We all have our opinions and I know that most of us out there have figures on our shelves of characters or character versions that we aren’t crazy about. I look to myself and see that I have never really liked Azrael, yet, he has a great figure and I am glad to have him on my shelf. So, while it is easy to target a subset of characters, for whatever reason for ire, at the end of the day, it’s diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. Don’t worry, the internet will be long enough to express your joy or jubilation.

I know the big issue is the fact that Golden Pharaoh, Cyclotron and the rest are not truly canonical DC characters so they should not be in the DC Universe Classics line. I am not going to open that can of worms as I have personally made my peace with it, but like it or not, we now have a Golden Pharaoh figure in the DCUC line, you can take him or leave him with no harm to your Validus figure.

That's one golden dome!

So, I can personally say that I have no real attachment to the character of Golden Pharaoh. Though, I suppose that is because there is not an over abundance of stories or source material. He had a bit of an intro in the Super Powers line where he made his debut, but while I collected that line as a pup, I never even saw Golden Pharaoh (along with several of the less common latter figures) so I really get him GP knowledge from the card back bio. English architect on a dig in Egypt gets nailed by a beam from New Genesis and helps figure Apokolips. Hmm… well, I make no secret that the Fourth World is one of my favorite corners of the DCU, so I can honestly say that if GP here was brought into the DCU in either back in the 1980s or even now, playing up the New Gods angle would most likely be a plus for me. But really, you are here for the figure, right? Sorry, I can get off on a tangent sometimes.

Back Detail
"fin" detail

The figure, right, well, I can honestly say that what you get in terms of an action figure is actually a really cool looking character. I mean, again, like I have mentioned so many times in these past First Looks – Golden Pharaoh is very unique in his appearance and brings a lot of personality to my display. Makes sense, he was designed as a toy in the 1980s, so making him cool and eye-catching to kids was basic marketing. Well, as they always do, the Four Horsemen saw the original design and raised it in very cool detail.

He comes with the Super Powers logo stand, no C&C piece here. Haters can thank Mattel.

I know the original figure had yellow skin, but the 4H club took the name literally and actually gave Ashley here a deep gold color. This gold has not been used yet in the line as it is not the same as you will find on figures like Dr. Fate or Gold. I really like the head sculpt and the paint detail in the face, he has deep black lines around his eyes that make him look very ancient Egyptian, you know, like a pharaoh?

He is adorned in the kingly colors of his past for his costume, mostly yellow and purple and again, like his original figure the purple in his torso is clear translucent, making for a very neat effect. He continues the Egyptian motif in his costume too, he has a clear purple piece that comes over the back of his neck, and his little arm “fins” (I think they aid in flying) are extremely detailed with a brick pattern that looks like the pyramid masonry crossed with the hawk feather design. His boots carry pretty intricate detail as well, again witht eh bug and bird theme. Really, love him or hate him, it is really hard to deny the design impact, I dig it.

We are a Samurai short of the Super Powers trifecta

He also comes equipped with his power staff that has a bit of a scarab design to it, I imagine this is the implement that he uses to harness and employ his “pyramid power”, but I am not sure what that is exactly. Probably something with the sun, maybe he is powerful enough to confuse Darkseid’s Omega Beams – that would make him a valuable ally to New Genesis and Earth alike, unless of course it is cloudy. See? I am already using my imagination on this figure, something that with a licensed property is not as common as it used to be. At least you can take that with you.

"The Other Guys", you just know Samurai, Black Vulcan, El Dorado and Apache Chief will join them. Probably sooner than later.

There it is, I am a fan of the DCUC Golden Pharaoh figure – he really is very cool, at least to me. Check out the pictures before you judge if you are not onboard with him yet, see him in person, he will at least catch your eye. I am not sure where I want to display him yet, right now he is with the Wonder Twins and Cyclotron in my “the other guys” section of the display (at the end of a shelf with Lobo just to the right of them, serving out bouncer to the rest of the characters). However, can I actually let him stand in my holy of holies New Gods display? I am actually considering it. These are the had choices I have to make. Toys are fun. Enjoy them.

*We have one more DCUC 15 First Look to bring you and it will be BIG. You know who it is. Check back soon!

Pyramid Power!!! (whatever that might be)

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