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First Look – DC Universe Classics OMAC

As you have seen so far in this latest round of First Looks, DCUC 15 has a lot to offer. We finally get our Martian Manhunter, we get a Fan’s Choice figure, even another Super Powers figure. All of that is well and good and I think this is a very, very strong wave overall. However, for my buck, no one comes close to OMAC. That’s the original One Man Army Corps! We are talking Buddy Blank here, not some crystal blue such and such. I know I might be a little bit biased and while DCUC honors Jack Kirby like none other, I just cannot get my fill of the King’s Karacters. So, OMAC is such an awesome addition for me based on principle alone, but even better still, he is a really fun figure.

I know there is a lot of frustration out there right now that DCUC 14 has not hit Wal-Marts yet, and I am totally not patiently waiting to build Ultra Humanite, but you know, it was almost like it was destined to happen. See, Kamandi is featured in series 14, and OMAC is arriving in series 15, so it is only natural that Grandpa would come first, you know? Holy crap! Kamandi and OMAC in consecutive series? Even out of chronological numbering, that is so neat. Plus, I think that, along with Jemm, OMAC here is going to be the sleeper of the wave for a lot of people.

Butt-kicking, alien satellite-powered, mohawked badass. Yeah, I cannot imagine anyone not liking that concept. Seriously, OMAC is a truly awesome character spawned by the, in my opinion, greatest comic creator. I know Kriby built Marvel and I LOVE so many of his characters from that universe, but there is just something about the collective personalities from his DC stable that clicks with me, and from concept to appearance, OMAC really strikes a chord.

OMAC Close Up

I am the Brother Eye in the sky, looking at you-oo-ooooo! I can read your mind.

I know I have been saying this a lot with this series, but again, OMAC is going to offer a lot to your display that no other figure thus far can do. See, when you get 15 waves into an action figure line, you start to notice the real breadth of the collection and getting unique figures that add depth to the overall feel of your toy exhibit is an exciting thing. OMAC does that one several front; he has something as subtle as a unique orange color on his legs as well as his AMAZING and garish mohawk that would make Tim Armstrong decidedly jealous – ain’t nobody like OMAC. Nobody. That is something that really makes him fun.

MY Grandpa can beat up YOUR Grandpa!

I know he has recently had a great guest turn on Batman: Brave and the Bold and I know full well that helped get him into the line, but even for those that have no attachment to the character (for shame! do some reading) there is no denying that he is a really cool action figure.

OMAC, Pin and purple alien arm

He stands broad and tall amongst his DC cohorts (appropriately so) and his costume has a lot of very nice Kirby rivets and bands that give him an almost android/robot quality to him (a queue touched upon in Final Crisis). His Brother Eye symbol is very nicely tampo printed on his chest as well. I am very glad that Mattel has gotten consistent with this printing, they are two for two in this series with Buddy and Jack Knight.

Those guys are painfully outnumbered
Toys are fun. Toys with mohawks more fun.

His head sculpt is probably the most “Kirby-esque” of any figure we have gotten thus far too. Okay, not probably, definitely. He has a very thick brow and large eyes with hard line across his face, all very apparent in Jack’s art. He has a stoic expression, which is fine, but OMAC is one of the VERY few characters that I would have been okay with having a little more dynamic expression. I am glad that if given the choice though, the Four Horsemen erred on the side of caution. Also, I know the first pictures of the OMAC 2-up showed him with what looked like an out of proportion, massive head, but the final figure turned out just right, so you can breathe a sigh of relief for that.

All you really need are fists and a mohawk
Klassic Kirby!

In the end, this is just a really fun figure to play around with and pose. He is tank brawler so bring out all of your nameless thugs or even some Parademons and let OMAC go to town, I promise it will be fun. Like I said, I know he is not the most popular character in DCUC 15, but I think a lot of people will really love this figure once they have him in hand.

*Thanks for checking this out, and as I do at the end of every Kirby character First Look – Mattel! Thanks for including him, and thanks for making this Look possible but, I demand more! More Kirby in DCUC!

I know full well that Black Canary can take care of herself, but I needed a stand-in.

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