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New Custom Tuesday – 7/13/2010

New Custom Tuesday is a weekly, creator submitted list of the latest custom action figures. This list provides a convenient way to check out all the latest custom creations posted in the galleries without having to search each individual thread. For this week’s customs, read on!

This week’s featured custom is Rob W’s Thor Foes set.

Thor Foes - Rob W

For me, Thor begins with Kirby and ends with Simonson, so I really got a kick out of this set of creative customs.

Destroyer - Rob W

We start off with some modifications to the already nice ML 15 Destroyer.  I think the armor details add a lot of visual interest and a bit more comic accuracy to this variant.  Adding the spikes sounds like it was tedious work, but I think the results are worth it.

Mangog - Rob W

Rob sculpted that head himself and did a perfect job capturing the feel of the Jack Kirby artwork on this monstrosity.  Click the pic above for WIP shots.

Kurse - Rob W

Again, check out the WIP shots to fully appreciate all the work that went into this bad boy.  Simonson designs don’t always translate well to 3D, but it works perfectly here.

Ulik - Rob W

Rob went back and revisited an already great Ulik custom and stepped it up a notch here.  This monster looks powerful.  Powerful enough to take on that goldilocks Thor for sure.  The beautiful sculpting on these three all merge perfectly with the existing parts and are tied together by great textured paint  jobs.   Make sure to click one of the above pics for a link to Rob’s thread for WIP shots of these figures and a whole lot more creative customs of interesting characters.

Here’s the rest of this week’s customs.  Click the pics for links to each customizer’s thread and let them know what you think of their work!

Battle Hardened Deadpool - anthonyrapitis
Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Modern) - Buzzy Fret
Gladiator - Discogod
Smallville Chloe - Jsebold
Lou Ferrigno Television's Incredible Hulk - pULpY fiCtiOn
Nick Fury - McCoy
Silent-Slide-Show Giles "Hush" - MsBig
Two Face - Arez
Thanatos God of Death - MadTinker76
Enchantress - Raybot

2 thoughts on “New Custom Tuesday – 7/13/2010

  1. Man, those were great customs. My favorite was the Ulik. But they are all great. I love the detail on Kurse. And Magog must have been a project, but he looks just as crazy as Kirby originally designed him.
    Fantastic stuff!!!

  2. Boy this was a great week for new customs. RobW’s stuff is amazing, but I could easily see several of those others taking the spotlight too. Congrats to all.

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