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Ask Matty – 7/15/10

Okay, so this is the last go ’round before the big dance next week in San Diego. Please note that there will not be another round of answers until August 15th.

1. You’ve discussed the upper limits of the size for C&Cs. So even though some characters like Chemo or Validus may actually be bigger in the comics, 10″ or so is the max we can expect to see them as C&Cs. I think most of us are understanding of that reality.

What about something like Winged Victory? If you were to make him as a C&C, he would have to be in scale to serve as a steed to a 6″ figure, so you’d basically be locked in as far as his size. Does that put him out of reach as a possibility? Would he be too big/expensive to do as a C&C? I’m not asking if you are going to make Winged Victory, merely if it’s possible, given his size and requirements.

We have talked about the idea of a build-a-horse concept. It is feasible; we just are not at a place that it is working into a wave right now.

2. Concerning WWE Elite figures of superstars wearing trunks like Triple H and The Miz, can you guys extend the trunks onto the hip joints? Compared to basics, Elites wearing trunks look like they have “reverse wedgies” as someone elegantly put it.

We will certainly pass this along to the WWE design team!

3. Matty, if you were the leader of the Great Rebellion and you were assembling your forces in figure form, who would be recruited first: girls with blue hair, girls with pink hair, girls with green hair or dudes with mustaches?

Ha! We are big fans of all of the POP characters, but our lips are sealing on who will be out next. We can tell you at least two POP characters are on tap for 2011.

4. Now that Blackest Night is over and Brightest Day is full swing, how do you feel about the marketability of some of prominent characters in the former story line? It seems that lots of fans are very interested in getting figures of the Lantern Corps “Leaders” like Saint Walker, Larfleeze and Atrocitus, but fervor for the “deputized” Lanterns (like Flash and Lex) has cooled significantly. Since the Leaders seem like they will be sticking around do think they are more viable choices for figures over the now-almost-forgotten deputies?

We are looking into a lot of characters from Blackest Night and Brightest Day. Both groups you mention would make great characters and in time we hope to get to a lot of them.

5. Matty, you are KILLING me! When are we going to get the ball rolling on more Flash Rogues? Captain Cold and Grodd are ever so lonely. We need CLASSIC versions of Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Heatwave and the rest STAT! It is starting to seem like you are purposely dissing the Flash Haters!

We have a ton more Flash character coming down the line. We’re a bit behind in other character’s rogues as well like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern. More are coming; we’ve got a good roadmap ahead.

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5 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 7/15/10

  1. I’m betting they’ll announce a Winged Victory BAF once Swiftwind has been out for a while.

  2. Great news about there been at least 2 POP characters next year! Hopefully one of those 2 is not Swift Wind as we know he is already coming out in 2011. There needs to be more POP in MOTUC. I really want to see Catra, Frosta, The Star Sister, Bow, Glimmer and Entrapta one day and all the other POP characters also.

  3. I’d say Captain Cold FROZE all chances of getting many more Flash rogues any time soon. See what I did there? Yeah… Lame.

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