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New Custom Tuesday – 6/8/2010

New Custom Tuesday is a weekly, creator submitted list of the latest custom action figures. This list provides a convenient way to check out all the latest custom creations posted in the galleries without having to search each individual thread. For this week’s customs, read on!

This week’s featured customs are Captain Ron’s Warriors Three:

Warriors Three - Captain Ron

I love to see customs of these characters.  I don’t think we’ll ever see them in plastic otherwise.

Fandral the Dashing - CaptainRon

I think using the DCUC Steppenwolf base for Fandral was a stroke of genius.  The parts work really well for his costume (which often changes from book to book) especially since both characters are Kirby in origin.  I bet you cut way, way down on paint rub, too.

Hogun the Grim - CaptainRon

I like the extra detailing on the armor parts peeking out from under his shoulder wrap and the gauntlets.

Vostagg - CaptainRon

I love the use of the smart hulk head for Volstagg here.  It’s unrecognizeable under that amazing beard sculpt and completely appropriate for a Vostagg ready for battle.  Check out more pics in CaptainRon’s thread by clicking one of the above pics.

Here’s the rest of this past 2 weeks’ customs.  Click the pics for links to the individual customizer’s threads.

House of M Hulk - Anthonyrapitis
Thor Hulk - Madtinker 76
Superman II - vidmouse
Iron Patriot - Arez
Beast Boy (tiger form) - ProphetGift
Bor, Architect of Asgard - Whiskeytango
A Beautiful Sunset Buffy & Satsu - Jsebold
Predator GL- Lestat
Fixit Hulk - JRNorth
Demon Druid- CRobTheCreator
"Supernatural" Dean, Jamie & Wolfman - MsBig
Hiro-Kala (son of Hulk) - Mister Garbage
Medusa - Discogod

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