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Ask Matty – 6/15/10

Wow, it is the 15th already, so that means another round of answers from Matty! It has already been a big day for carded sample pics of Whiplash and DCUC 14 and Matty’s June sale day is tomorrow (good luck), but we aren’t done yet. Read on the usual.

1. Can the original tooling choices be explained due to the level of scrutiny a character like Golden Pharaoh vs a corrected Sinestro?

Many characters require high and medium levels of tooling. This does not take away “tooling” from a character like a new Sinestro because we won’t be doing Sinestro again in the standard “waves”. A new Sinestro is something we still really want to do. We just need to find the right way to offer him outside of the “wave” releases. Just because you are seeing another figure first it doesn’t mean this tooling was “taken away” from another. It doesn’t exactly work that way!

2. It’s been said that SDCC exclusives are a reward for someone who attends the show. That said, Sunday-only (and some Saturday-only!) attendees were not able to get Gleek nor the Wonder Twins. What steps are being taken to ensure that attendees can purchase them the entire weekend. Will there be last-minute shortages of Starro spores like Gleek?

All of our SDCC items are offered on a “first come, first serve” basis and there is a good chance we will sell out of some product by Sunday or even Saturday. If you are only attending the show late in the weekend, we just can’t guarantee what product quantities will be – sorry! Many of our items will also be offered on after the show, although there will be some differences between some items from the show and the online versions; for example, Orko will only be color change at the show.

All of our SDCC items are “first come, first serve.” We will make sales exclusive for attendees on Wednesday and Thursday until noon. Professionals and exhibitors can buy starting at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday.

3. Follow up, unless it’s been answered already: Gleek was left out of the Wonder Twins box due to aesthetic purposes. Will the Starro spores be in a baggie to be handed out at point of sale or packed IN the Starro set box?

The Spores and the Plastic Man suitcase will be in a pollybag offered as a gift with purchase.

4. Why are Modern Cheetah’s and Donna Troy’s hip joints and hands so soft and gummy and their hair SO hard? Why wasn’t the hair molded using the softer plastic? From a design standpoint, can this type of thing please be addressed?

In essence, it is a requirement for safety testing. The heads are made of PVC95, which required PVC80 for the hair which has a thickness of 7.0MM. When the hair is dispersed it is not acceptable for our required safety testing, which is why we use PVC80.

5. Because he is such an important character, Orko is taking center stage for SDCC, but Prince Adam is his pack-in figure, but what about Kowl and Loo-Kee will they be featured as pack-ins with essential characters or will they be featured as single carded figures with “extras” due to their size?

We’d love to Kowl and Loo-key one day, but right now we don’t have any info to announce on whether they will be pack-in or main figures. We imagine we’ll get to them in time.

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