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Neat Toy Photography 3/16/2010

Okay a lot of guys go through some trouble to take their action figure pics, creating themed backdrops, setting up/buying costly photography  and lighting equipment or even building miniature action figure cities to populate with their favorite heroes and villains.  Some guys go on location and find a great place in the real world to serve as a backdrop for their toy photos and that brings us to today’s shot by flickr member BarryFackler:

 Barry actually took his figure scuba diving!  Nice effect, don’t you think?  Check out more of BarryFackler’s undersea pictures at flickr by clicking the above picture.   If you take cool pictures of your toys, you may want to post them for your fwoosh brothers to admire at the links below.

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2 thoughts on “Neat Toy Photography 3/16/2010

  1. So…did it ruin the figure? Nice pics of everything else too, by the way. I wish I had gotten to see rays/octopi that close when I went scuba diving off Honolulu.


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