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Cool Toy Photo Alert – Jonah Hex by Snowman

Snowman's Hex

Snowman's Hex

Snowman's Hex

One of my favorite things about Fwoosh is all the cool new toy photos posted by our members on our forums and occasionally I like to highlight their talents here on the e-zine.

Snowman has been sharing some insanely cool action figure shots for some time now.  Hex here is just the latest example.  I love the grimy old west bar setup here with the mason jars, spilled fluids and dirty old wood.  The mirror adds an interesting compositional device to play with, but is also perfectly relelvant for the scene.  I think it’s really cool that even though we have two angles on Hex in the above shot, you still can’t quite make out his scarred side.

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex by Snowman

I also really like how the figure and scene is lit with a cool blue light and there is a contrasting warmer yellow tone coming from one side as if there is a candle right off camera.  Notice also the reflection of the glasses on the liquid on the bar.  Great details.  The DCUC Jonah Hex is one of the better figures from that line and doesn’t get a lot of picture love.  Maybe I just missed the shots, but these pics make me want to go pull that figure out of the collection and play with him.  These Hex pics were originally posted by Snowman in the fwoosh’s DC action photo thread here.

Snowman also has a lot of fantastic action figure pics in his collection and picture thread here.

Please go to the above threads and let Snowman know what you think of his work!  Got some action figure shots of your own you would like to share?  Well, the fwoosh toy forums have a photothread for just about every kind of figure.

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