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DCUC March Madness – Star City: Regional Semifinals

Star City sleeps well after another brouhaha. You want results? Here there be results.

Kalibak made Azrael his bitch 62-38

The Dr. was in and cured the common Cold 70-30

Kilowog showed who had the tougher green against Metallo 75-25

Robotman proved you people are crazy by losing to Batgirl 57-43


Voting for this bracket ends on March 29th, so make your picks now!

View the full Bracket HERE

Next up, with Dr. Fate I vs Kalibak, can Fate bring a little Order to Kalibak, or will the son of Darkseid turn the yellow and blue hero into a green stain.

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Speaking of green, with Kilowog vs Batgirl, can Babs be brought down on her relentless march towards victory, or will the Ginormous Lantern be brought down by the saucy redhead?

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