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DCUC March Madness – Ivy Town: Regional Semifinals

It’s almost over in Ivy Town. Let’s look at the round two results, shall we?

The Joker laughed his way to victory over Catwoman 77 to 23
Clayface slid by Steel 52 to 48
Green Lantern schooled Black Lightning 89 to 11
Hawkman maced Deadshot 70 to 30

Round three match ups begin…NOW! Voting for this bracket ends on March 29th, so make your picks now!

View the full Bracket HERE

Joker vs Clayface

Clown Prince of Crime vs The Man Mountain of Mud!

[polldaddy poll=2969807]

Green Lantern II vs Hawkman

Space Cop vs err… Space Cop!

[polldaddy poll=2969814]

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