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Ask Matty – 2/1/10

We traveled into the not-too-distant future to get our February 1st Ask Matty answers a few days early! We got ‘yer DCUC, MOTUC and Ghostbusters right here!

1. Now that Adora has sold out in a matter of minutes, are you convinced that more PoP characters are needed? Can they be considered strong , viable characters that deserve several yearly slots? We need Glimmer, Frosta, Catra and the rest!

We’ve always considered all of the POP characters strong figures for the line and have many of them planned over the next few years. The line is pretty much set through 2011, regardless of how Adora or any other figure sells. We can always make changes but we have a plan in place, which includes a diverse offering of MOTU, POP, NA, mini-comic and 2002 characters.

2. DCUC Iron is a fantastic figure. When you get to the rest of the Metal Men do you have plans on using different base bodies for the likes of Gold, Mercury, Tin, Platinum and Lead? Lead would have to be a new buck, right?

Yes, for the thinner or heavier Metal Men we will use different bodies.

3. When can we expect new Ghostbusters news? Slimed Peter is the last figure announced for May, when can we expect more news?

At New York Toy Fair!

4. Matty, now that you have a carded sample of Moss Man in you hands, how does he smell? Piney?

It is not 100% the smell from the vintage figure but we got as close as possible with today’s available scents.

5. The DCUC 13 Superboy figure was shown in an inaccurate costume – his costume is supposed to have black around the neck line, not blue. Will this be changed prior to his release? When is that scheduled to be again?

He has actually already been changed from the paintmaster to be more accurate. We caught this detail ourselves very early on when the Horsemen sent it to their paintmaster.

*Thanks to Matty and Toy Guru for sending along these answers!

4 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 2/1/10

  1. VeeBee, your question about the Metal Men was fantastic. You got Mattel to confirm figures without asking them to confirm figures. =) Although it may have been pretty well known that they were going to do them eventually , it shows that they are giving this some thought.

    Btw, notice that the Metal Men just recently showed up on Batman: The Brave and The Bold and now they are showing up on the DCUC roster.

    Actually a lot of characters from Brave and the Bold end up on the DCUC list: Gentleman Ghost, Deadman, Black Canary, Iron, Dr. Fate, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

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