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SPOOKS: Monsters
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The United States Department of Supernatural Defense (DOSD) recruits, trains, arms, and deploys specially trained forces based within the nation’s borders in support of national security and defense strategies. To accomplish this, they provide relevant and ready support to commanders whose mission is to keep the country free of supernatural enemies, whether their origins are domestic, international, or otherworldly.

Spooks was created by Larry Hama (of G.I. Joe fame) and R.A. Salvatore (New York Times best-selling author). The characters are published by Devil’s Due Publishing. – an independently ran fan site for G.I. Joe hobbyists, enthusiasts and collectors, offering free hosting for more than 9,000 customized action figures, 700 customized vehicles, and 100 play sets, as well as commentary from the artistic minds behind them – premiers a new one of a kind boxed set of figures based on characters from the mind of Larry Hama. Many talented artisans produced these faithful reproductions of the SPOOKS: Monsters. Each figure comes with appropriate accessories. This set also includes a special WANTED poster.

In a rare move, is going to place this boxed set of figures up for auction on eBay for charity. On Monday December 14th, check out for your chance to bid on this one of a kind action figure set. Money raised from this auction will go to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital .






Packaging created by member THE Mike™
Firebat box, with He-Man backer file for the background



Figure created by member Joeczar
Head: Abomination
Body: Hulk

Headless Jack



Figure created by member gijoey
Body– joe movie- Destro with lots of sculpt.
Gloves– Super Powers Martian Man Hunter casts
Pumpkin– modded with chap-mei skull

Vlad Tepes


Figure created by member joemichaels70
Head: Wolverine Origins Walmart Sabretooth
Torso: Golden Compass Lee Scoresby
Arms: Wolverine Origins Sabretooth
Upper Legs: ROC Cobra Commander
Lower Legs: 25th CP Shipwreck
Feet: ROC Cobra Commander
Wings: 25th Nemesis Immortal



Figure created by member joemichaels70
Head: ROC Attack on the Pit Baroness
Upper Torso: Agent Annika
Torso: ROC Attack on the Pit Baroness
Arms: 25th Scarlett
Legs: ROC Attack on the Pit Baroness
Fire Effect: 1:18 Hellboy “Liz”

Johann Sumner


Figure created by member gijoey
Body–SHS – Colossus
Head– Chap-mei wolf
Hands and feet — Narnia werewolf
Lots of sculpt.

This boxed set includes details for a special mail-away figure: Lucian! The mail-away Lucian figure will be included in the upcoming charity auction.


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