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Secret Identities – Ebonhorn

EbhornavvytI ask fwooshmembers questions.

They answer them.

Ebonhorn: “Anything that can fill the void or bills”

Where do you live?

South Louisiana, land of crawfish and booze

What Nutria stories can you tell?

I’ve only run into one once and it was ten feet away when he popped out the water…Ugly little spud. I have eaten nutria before, but if you live in South Louisiana you eat a lot of strange things.

ebhorn1Can you speak both Southern and Americanese?

I can speak americanese, I use it when I travel to the north. Southern is not so much a different dialect but more a way we string words together and slow down our speech pattern.. Such as y’all. We also tend to drop Gs from the ends of words, consideren’, wrestlin’, walkin’.

Where do you work?

I work at sign shop, Quick Signs. I design, prep, and put the signs together. It’s where I learned how to Gold Leaf. It’s one of my favorite things.

What kind of lessons have you taken formally?

I have taken lessons in the programs I use in my job, that is pretty much it. I was very antisocial for a very long time.

Who is in you family?

My family is made up my father, mother, and brother. A younger brother who might as well have been born my arch villain.

What is your younger brother doing right now?

Eating with his workmates. He is a high school teacher/football coach and they are doing their weekly dinner before their playoff game tomorrow. So he is there hanging out with what might as well be juvenile delinquents. Actually he’s not- he is home. Damn him for making me look a fool.

Have you ever punched someone?

Yes my arch nemesis, my brother. He had it coming. I told my parents we were boxing, when really I just wanted to punch. He was five but you gotta get them kids in line early.

Any pets?

A cat, Teebo. He’s grey and obnoxious.

Do you customize?

Yes, but its never more than part swapping. Then they go unpainted. I’m more a WIPer.

Do you cook?

Yes I cook. I like making sauces and marinades. I’m good with meat as well.

What is your favorite food?

Mole Enchiladas, it’s really about the sauce as it is with my most of my favorite foods

Doesn’t mole’ have at least 14 ingredients and several different variant flavors?

Yes I should clarify they are Oaxacan mole enchiladas. Oaxacan mole is a mole negro, the black mole. Mole Poblano is the most known in the US. The truth is mole is regional thing like pizza in the US. Different regions use different ingredients and spices in their mole with colors ranging from green to red. Rick Bayless, my favorite chef, has a 27 ingredient mole it took him 30 years to master. It’s the one thing I’m trying to master. I like to cook and a good mole is one of my goals.

Who is your favorite actress and actor?

Favorite Actress is Ellen Page and my Favorite Actor would probably be Aaron Eckhart.

ebhorn2What is in your collection?

I collect DCUC, MOTUC, NECA Street Fighter, NECA Gears of War, and the Four Horseman in house stuff, Gothtropolis and 7th Kingdom. I also collect the occasional GI Joe and Transformer.

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?

I like to vacation in Keene, New Hampshire. My best friend moved there 7 years ago and I visit there when I get the chance. It’s a nice little town, which you can walk to any place you need or want to go to. Everybody is friendly and likes to talk to the southerner ‘cause I talk funny.

What other sites do you visit?

I regular visit TFW2005, Hiss Tank, AFI, AFP, Aint it Cool, Fantastic Exclusive, Poe Ghostal, and It’

What do you spend your money?

Anything that can fill the void or bills

Do you play video games?

I really enjoy video games. I don’t have one specific genre I like. I generally don’t like first person shooters, sorry fwoosh team. I’m a big fan of the Fables, assassin creed, and Arkham Asylum. I’ve had played and owned every version of Final Fantasy. FF is my favorite game series. I play them all and get quite into them. I play most of them twice, the first time through to beat the game, the second time to do all the things I possibly can.

If you had to choose between a friend who is always there for you, or a friend who is sporadically there for you- yet highly entertaining, which one would you choose?

A highly entertaining friend. I have enough friends that it’s not necessary for one friend to be there all the time. I really do enjoy the one person who can make me laugh and keep me entertained for a few hours.

Is there love after love?

I believe we are made to love more than one person. We make think we have found the love of our life, but we are strange beings and you just might find out you had more love to give when the next person comes along.

What is wrong with you?

The best, the brightest, and the fwoosh still haven’t figured that one out.

Thanks Ebonhorn!


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