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CC24: Heroes of the 1930’s Series 2 by jmaxwell522


Back for more action it’s more heroes from times gone by. To see series one click here:

Indiana Jones:


Indiana Jones is an archaeologist and adventurer who travelled the world and encountered a gamut of deadly enemies, from German spies in World War I to vampires to Chicago gangsters to ancient druid cults to South American tribes with psychic powers to Thugee cults to Nazis. Known for his skill with a whip and his indomitable attitude that kept him going when others would have rolled over and died, he has become one of the heroic icons of the 20th century.

Dr. Henry Jones Sr.:


Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. is Indiana Jones’ father. He is a professor of archeology and an expert in medieval literature and artifacts. He has recorded many of his most important, life-long studies in a small, secret diary. He and Indiana Jones use this book to help them find secret treasures. Joining his son, ‘Indiana’ Jones to search out holy relics and fight the Nazi army who will use them to conquor the world.

Rick O’Connell:


Prior to 1923, little is known about Rick O’Connell. Apparently an orphan, at some point the young Rick joined the French Foreign Legion, and served in Libya. Rumours of a city full of gold spread through his unit, and became so strong that the entire division deserted together, walking from Libya to Egypt in search of the fabled Hamunaptra, City of the Dead. They found it, but death also found them. Trapped within the ruined walls, they faced an army of arabs, who killed almost all of them. Only two men appeared to have survived: the weasley Beni Gabor (who hid during the fight), and Rick O’Connell. The last man standing of his Legion, Rick walked across the desert back to civilization. Together with his future wife, Evie, Rick battles mummies, clay armies, and his future brother-in-law’s attraction to trouble.



Born in 1889, the child of John Clayton, Lord Greystoke and his wife Alice, both of whom had been stranded in Africa by a mutinying ship crew. His mother died in childbirth, having gone insane from living in the jungle well before this point; his father was killed by the great ape Kerchak. Deep in the savage African jungle, the baby Tarzan was raised by a fierce she-ape, Kala of the tribe of Kerchak. There he had to learn the secrets of the wild to survive: how to talk with animals, swing through the trees, and fight against the great predators. Using these skills Tarzan grows to become “Lord of the Jungle”

Name: jmaxwell522
Email address: [email protected]

Indiana Jones:
Jacket/Arms: Deluxe 1950’s Angel
Body/Legs: Hawiian Shirt Angel
Head: Phantom Stranger Cast
Accessories: Fodder
Dr. Henry Jones Sr.:
Head: Vandel Savage
Body: “Randy Giles” Spike
Hat: Rocky Figure
Rick O’Connell:
Body: Mummy Returns Rick O’Connell
Head: DCD JSA Starman w/ shave
Body: Dr. Manhattan
Head: DCD FA Aquaman

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