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SPOOKS: Omega Team
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The DOSDA is comprised of several divisions, but the one that strikes fear even in to the other battle-hardened SPOOKS agents is Omega Team. They are the elite – the baddest of the bad. They are the SPOOKS assassins – sent in to eradicate the monsters too tough for anyone else to handle – no question asked, no mercy given. Their missions are strictly black-ops, off-the-books, and highly classified. In fact, there is no official record that Omega Team even exists.

Spooks was created by Larry Hama (of G.I. Joe fame) and R.A. Salvatore (New York Times best-selling author). The characters are published by Devil’s Due Publishing. – an independently ran fan site for G.I. Joe hobbyists, enthusiasts and collectors, offering free hosting for more than 9,000 customized action figures, 700 customized vehicles, and 100 play sets, as well as commentary from the artistic minds behind them – premiers a new one of a kind boxed set of figures based on characters from the mind of Larry Hama. Many talented artisans produced these faithful reproductions of the SPOOKS: Omega Team. Each figure comes with appropriate accessories and a filecard.

In a rare move, is going to place this boxed set of figures up for auction on eBay for charity. On Monday December 14th, check out for your chance to bid on this one of a kind action figure set. Money raised from this auction will go to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital . To sweeten the deal, the special packing includes an official autograph from SPOOKS co-creator Larry Hama.


Packaging created by member THE Mike™
Mcfarlane NHL Mini-Hockey Figures case
Foam/inset made with foam
Filescards developed based on content by Larry Hama, edited by member Raptor.



Figure created by member HypnoHustler
Head- Star Wars Rahm Kota
Torso- 25th Crimson Guard
Coat and Arms- Star Wars Cade Skywalker
Legs- Resolute Duke
Boots- 25th Snake-Eyes
Misc pouches and Marauder Inc shotgun shells
Gun- JvC Tele-Viper

El Nino


Figure created by member HypnoHustler
Head- Bbi Machine gunner
Torso, Upper arms, and Legs- 25th Roadblock
Lower arms- 25th Iron Grenadier Destro
Vest- 25th Lift Ticket and various kibble pouches
Holster- Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Clonetrooper
Backpack and gatling gun- RoC Reactive Armor Heavy Duty



Figure created by member LeeMarvin80
Hood – Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker
Head – Resolute Cobra Commander
Mask – Crimson Guard Mouthpiece with bits from Copperhead’s head, McQuarrie Boba Fett’s head, a Han Solo comm device wire, and parts from a Pit Commando Gas Mask. The eye piece is from 25th V3 Snake Eyes with pieces of a red lightsaber glued on.
Torso and Upper Legs – ROC Masked Storm Shadow
Upper Arms – Snow Job
Lower Arms – Battle Armor Cobra Commander
Elbow Pads – WWE Build and Brawl
Hands – Comic Pack Destro
Lower Legs – Resolute Duke with Paraviper’s Boots and an ROC Reactive Armor Duke knife/sheath glued on.
Vest – Pit Commando with parts from Cobra Officer, Para Viper, Firefly, and Snake Eyes web Gear glued on.
Leg Harness – Belt is from Reactive Armor Duke with a Red Star pouch and an unknown pouch, leg straps are made from Para Viper and Pilot Destro harnesses, with a holster from Comic Pack Cobra Commander and a knife/sheath from Marauder.



Figure created by member BadAsh
Head: ROC Cover Girl (hair modified)
Torso: Marvel Universe Iron Fist (modified)
Arms: 25th Croc Master (upper & hands), Destro v1 (lower/modified)
Waist: 25th Dusty
Thighs: 25th Bazooka
Kneepads: 25th ParaViper
Lower Legs: Dusty
Upperbody straps: Parka Snake Eyes and other parts
Leg straps: ParaViper and other parts
Knife: Snake Eyes w/ Storm Shado handle



Figure created by member DrBindy
Head: Jurrasic park (or knock off Soldier Force, I forget) (heavily modified)
Biceps: DTC Major Barrage
Forearms: 25A Destro IG
Torso: 25A Roadblock v2
Thighs: ROC RA Heavy Duty
Lower legs: Resolute Duke
Feet: ROC Heavy Duty
M4 (modified)- Marauder, Inc.
Vest: 25A Roadblock v2 (heavily modified)