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CC24: Fury Force by

Fury Force
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In 1981, Larry Hama created a pitch for a new Marvel Comics series entitled Fury Force. While the pitch was ultimately turned down, many of the concepts found their way into a property that Larry Hama was tasked with in 1982 – G.I. Joe. – an independently ran fan site for G.I. Joe hobbyists, enthusiasts and collectors, offering free hosting for more than 9,000 customized action figures, 700 customized vehicles, and 100 play sets, as well as commentary from the artistic minds behind them – premiers a new one of a kind boxed set of figures based on characters from the mind of Larry Hama. Many talented artisans produced these faithful reproductions of the members of Fury Force. Each figure comes with appropriate accessories and a filecard.

In a rare move, is going to place this boxed set of figures up for auction on eBay for charity. On Monday December 14th, check out for your chance to bid on this one of a kind action figure set. Money raised from this auction will go to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital . To sweeten the deal, the special packing includes an official autograph from Larry Hama. Also included is an embroidered Fury Force patch signed by Larry Hama.


Packaging created by member THE Mike™
Sample Canadian Joe Con 2009 Exclusive box, with Serpentor/Armadillo insert and Cobra Paratrooper bubbles
Filecard written by member Raptor and Keith Pille with input from Larry Hama.



Figure created by member BadAsh
Head: Comic Pack Hawk w/ Marauder John beret
Torso: Shipwreck
Arms: Falcon
Waist: New Sculpt Saw Viper
Thighs: unknown
Lower Legs: Comic Pack General Hawk
Webgear: kitbashed from mulitple parts
Gun: Marauder John MAC-10 Sub-Machine Gun w/ Silencer



Figure created by member joemichaels70
Head: Storm Shadow V2
Torso: Cross Country
Arms: Battle Corps Outback
Waist: TBC Hawk
Legs: TBC Hawk
Poncho: 25th Storm Shadow
Shotgun: 25th Flint

Louie Louie


Figure created by member Chad Ghost
Head- Tunnel Rat 90 w/ Outback 87 hair
Torso- Red Dog 87 (modified)
Arms- Chuckles 87
Waist- Gung Ho 92
Thighs- Gung Ho 92
Feet- Beachhead 93
Rifle- Leatherneck 01 (modified with Bulletproof 92 stock/ Duke 93 magazine & scope)
Ammo Pouch- Tunnel Rat 87 (w/ Fury Force & FF water slide decals)
Backpack- Recondo 84



Figure created by member Matthew
Head: Gung Ho 92 (modified)
Biceps: Muskrat 88
Forearms: Gung Ho 92
Chest: Gung Ho 92 (heavily modified)
Waist: Recondo 88 (modified)
Thighs: Gung Ho 92
Feet: General Hawk 91
Hat- Repeater 88 (heavily modified)
M60E- Marauder, Inc.



Figure created by member Sidewinder
Head: Stalker 82, Hardball 88, Bazooka 93
Biceps: Tiger Force Duke 88
Forearms: Hardball 88
Chest: Repeater 88
Waist: Night Force Spearhead 89
Legs: Slaughter’s Marauders Footloose 89 (modified)
Grenade Launcher: BBI
Grenade Belt: McFarland Terminator from T2



Figure created by member pluv
Head: Comic Pack Scarlett with green stuff hair
Torso: Comic pack Scarlett with green stuff collar, pockets and line
Waist: Comic Pack Cover girl with 25th Cobra soldier belt
Arms: Comic Pack Lady Jaye with water slide decal
Thighs: General Hawk v.1
Feet: Flint
Mac 10: Maruader Inc.

Fury Force Motorcycle


Figure created by member pluv
Maisto Harley Davidson with styrene tubing, Hot Wheels headlight, Eversparkle ammo case, and water slide decals

This boxed set includes details for a special mail-away figure: Brujo! The mail-away Brujo figure will be included in the upcoming charity auction.


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  1. Very nice set. I did this custom project a long time ago and tried to put it in Joe Customs but I guess I used to many of the original words from the magazine where I found it at. I do like what you did to approve some of the guys looks though. My spook version was fun to make though. Go luck with the auction.

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