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Fwoosh Week In Review – 11/28/9

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In the Microverse:

Fwooshers seem to want better Marvel Select choices, like Juggernaut or something. Marvel select answered by debuting their next Select figure: Cyclops. Fwooshers slapped their foreheads. So if you heard a loud bang, that was what that was. Fwooshers are short on patience, but great at synchronization.

With the recent Hasbro q&a a predictable wave of “where’s the news about Ml” responses came about, prompting a surge of anger of some posters who want their Legends, which in turn prompted a response from people who feel superior to the people that just want some toys, and then that in turn led to more legends longing, which in turn made gravedancers feel superior again for some reason, and then I took a nap. When I woke up I went to

the Multiverse:

Where things are happier. More or less. Except for the whining. Fwoosh sells it wholesale. Lists of possible upcoming lists believed to be most of the 2010 lineup showed up. The list is as follows:

DCU Arrow
DCU Batman SC
DCU Flash2
DCU Pharoh
DCU Fans Choice (Raven)
DCU Hourman
DCU Gold
DCU Kamandi
DCU Zatana
DCU Martian
DCU Jemm
DCU Starman
DCU Mento
DCU Lantern
DCU Obsidian
DCU Plastic Man

Another website made some predictions based on something or other, insider info or names from hats I have no idea. And then chip threatened to beat up Prodigy and I shoved Piffy into the dirt and Sexyvonpoopy said it was a hate crime but I said I did it with love and then Piffy paid Veebee to sock me in the nose and I gave Robo a black eye when I flailed my arms but it was an accident but hagop leapt to his defense and promptly drove his fingers towards my eye by I held up my hand and blocked it Stooge-style and laughed heartily, at which point Piffy jumped on my back and dug his spurs into my sides and demanded I gallop. And I galloped, my friends, I galloped like my life depended on it, the wind in my mane, the salt spray coating my tawny muscles with mist, the sand kicking up with each hoof-fall and how the hell did I become a horse and the moral of the story is if you make a silk sow out of the ear of a purse then you’re going to end up burning bridges in the midnight hour.

Some Fwooshers want some Batman Beyond characters, if not sprinkled into the main line, then in an animated subline. If you’ve never seen the show, I suggest watching it. That’s all I’ve got. Watch it.

Mattycollector is running a sale currently on all their dcuc stuff.

The Bar with No Name:

Food is on fwooshers mind lately, which led moldie (who doesn’t eat, ever) to wonder about a food forum. If there was a food forum I propose it be named “Get the fork in here” or something.

GrownNerd wants better smelling, tastier farts. I think.

in the Multiplex:

The newest chapter in the Twilight saga debuted, with sparkly mopy vampires brooding a lot and being very sad and unrequited about things even though they’re going to be young forever. Bummer. A healthy contingent of fwooshers have seen it due to being attached to some form of wife or girlfriend or whatever. And other fwooshers have not seen it and don’t plan to, which means something to their testicles. Either it makes them bigger or shinier or something. I think. I don’t know. Correlations between masculinity and entertainment always confuse me.

I sparkle in the sun, mostly because I don’t have much of a tan at all. I may be pale but I’ll look this age well into my fifties. Suck it, sun.

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2 thoughts on “Fwoosh Week In Review – 11/28/9

  1. The list is funny as hell. And then there was the “speculation” posted on another board about Wave 15. Well, now they’re just educated guesses. Like predicting the Super Bowl or World Series. The privelege of having “me first news” is pretty moot and down right childish. After all its just grown men playing with product design for children 30 years younger than they are. DC Comics as a horrible as a company anyway. If people realize they’re restructuring into DC Entertainment and also losing the rights to Superman by giving up on making a movie by 2013 then thats fans’ lose. Buy up all the Superman DCUC products or wish all you want to you’re little hearts’ content. It’ll just make the pain of realizing how pointless it will be 4 years later.

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