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Fwoosh Week In Review – 4/12/10

Going for a record second week in a row, this week brings things stuff and whatchamacallit. Behold.

In the Marvel Forum:

Jumping first into a bit of catch up: The 4 inch Modern Thor figure is better Than 90 percent of toybiz’s
output. HOW’S THAT FOR SCALE/COMPANY WARS!! But yeah, the quality of the little guys needs to reach that level across the board.

Updates for Iron Man: the 4 inch Iron Man figures are indeed awesome. This is old news perhaps, but bite
me, it’s still news, and it’s true. And this column is all about the truth. And lies. And making money.
The Crimson Dynamo figure may even be better than the aforementioned Thor.

Still more Iron Man News. 6 inch IM2 pictures were shown, including a War Machine that makes 100 percent
of Toybiz and Hasbro’s output look like crap in both scales. In your face, two paragraphs ago!

Third bit of news: an Iron Man Marvel Select figure. Yep.

Following that, there’s been rumors of the SDCC exclusive: Marvelman, a property recently acquired by
Marvel. No details or scales are known. Alan Moore grunted, stroked his beard and sacrificed a lamb upon
hearing the news. And then used his fingernails to scratch a better comic than any current comic writer
could ever hope to write into the lamb’s skin.

On top of this news, recent future waves of the little guys were announced, including Ghost Rider,
Wrecker, Mary Jane, Multiple Man and so forth. Many wonder if GR would be biked. Biked. Say it slow and
it sounds dirty.

Returning to the Modern Thor figure for a second…the Luke Cage from that wave tickled my pickle as well.

Nobody has heard anything about the 6 inch Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man.

Oh, IM2 also has Slurpee cups. Or something.

Really expensive Hot toys figures of the IM2 characters are coming out also.

Marvel has now had it’s quota of news. If you read the first letter of each Marvel forum paragraph including this one, you’ll find a secret message, which shows that I always follow up on my strange capitalized declarations. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

in the DC forum:

JUST IN. Plastic man is the SDCC exclusive figure. And exclusive to the exclusive is a Suitcase form for
Plastic Man, available only at the con. The figure will be on matty afterwards, including all his other
attachments, which include rubbery arms and springy legs. Also, there’s a Starro for DCIH, with
facehuggers that are apparently cross-compatible with DCUC.

In the MotU forum:

JUST IN. Prince Adam and Orko exclusives for SDCC, along with the previously mentioned Molarr. Orko will
turn clear when dipped in water, and will have an SDCC label that will show up on his spellbook. Both
look awesome. the 4h can even make Orko look cool. Truly, they are gods among men.

Magnus Primal just started collecting MotU, and has spent 4.5 jillion dollars catching up.

In conclusion: Orko actually looks great. Makes one wonder if even ardent purist Baena (whose
proclivities line up quite a bit with my own, and would be my artist of choice if I could ever grab the
golden job of writing mini-comics) will want one.

In the general F-team thread place:

Longest wait for Berties ever. Moldie’s place of residence (whether shack, cave, or desert palace made of
bones) may soon be overrun by robots. And not just the usual ones from the future that are trying to kill him because of that thing he did. Those are old hat by now.

gpmartin414 wants to know if people talk to other collectors. How else will I distract them while picking
their pocket?

In the Bar with No Name:

see: Popoman pee in the shower

See: Piffy’s brother shake it shake it shake it shake it like a polaroid picture

In the Multiplex:

Talk of what Cap’s costume will be: Boring Ultimates look or just fine Classic look. You may be able to
tell where my choice lies.

That’s enough. Also: PLASTIC MAN!!

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1 thought on “Fwoosh Week In Review – 4/12/10

  1. Cap’ movie… All I ask is that the shield is round and not that goofy pointy 40’s version. Just try not to destroy his costume motif the way Singer ruined the X-Men’s uniforms and original class lineup. Bryan? Asshat? Storm was not in the original lineup. K? Yanno… there’s a reason his initials are “B.S.”.

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