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Fwoosh Week in Review – 11/1/9

Bitching, twitching and Cyclotron hate this week

The Microverse:

Series 6 of MU seems to be popping up with slightly more regularity but saturation has not yet been achieved. Same for the variant ML two packs. So if you’re not soaked yet, you should be soon. Hawt.

New 4 inch scaled Spider-man figures geared towards kids with lowered expecations have angered up some fwooshers blood, causing them to remember the good old days. I don’t know what the good old days were, because toy companies have been dumbing down toys for ages, from sparking shield Captain America (WHAT…THE…HELL?) to stiff-arm Shocker.

Heh…stiff-arm Shocker…

Anyway…in slightly better news, Iron Man 2 showed up. Which caused more bitching about Crimson Dynamo showing up in that line instead of 6 inch. But there’s still that sexy sexy prototype shown at SDCC, so there’s hope on the horizon. Faith in the future. And all that optimistic crap.

The Multiverse:

Pictures of wave 13 have appeared. Reign of Supermen Superboy is the version we’re getting, which means now we have all four pretenders to the throne when Superman kicked the bucket for publicity. Even better, two members of Young Justice (Robin’s not in the right costume, but squint and hold your breath and it’s close enough). Now we need a Bart. And the girls, but Impulse fo sho. And the Supercycle. And so forth.

Do you have wave ten yet?

Do you?

Do you?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?


Continuing the wave 13 news, Cyclotron, the character created just for the Super Powers line, has caused a massive furor of furious missives. Apparently some people are miffed that he’s taking up a valuable spot in the line. Like jerseymaniac, who apparently REALLY hates his inclusion.

Ice skating uphill.


In the Macroverse:

In a bit of Revoltech news, Alien!! Very cool.

NECA turtles news is not promising, with PLaymates toys getting the master global license to the turtles. Just release the farkin’ Shredder, NECA. A YEAR AGO!

Grr…toys is the woistest.

Moving on…in the Bar with No Name:

Pearsonic hit 2000 posts. I remember 2000. and 3…4, 5, 6, Jesus I’m a post-whore.

GrownNerd’s interesting thread of the week dealt with what the ramifications of humans with tails would be. As I would plow Tigra like a mound of snow on a cold winter day, I don’t think tails would bother me too much, if the girl was hot enough. And that’s what it’s all about, Charlie Brown.

Speaking of, Halloween was Saturday. I watched It’s the Great Pumpkin again, like I do every year. If you didn’t, re-evaluate your life. It’s missing something. Something important. Something like the yearly tradition of watching one of the greatest Halloween specials ever. Next year, rediscover the simple joy. Show it to your kids. Your grandkids. Your neighbors. Give a kid a rock in his bag. Builds character. Dress up like a World War 1 flying ace and jump on your doghouse. It’s the thing to do.

Where the hell was I going with that?

No clue. That wraps up another week though, so there you go.

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