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Make My Marvel! – Night Thrasher

What did the night ever do to him?

Make My Marvel! – Night Thrasher

Randy Jackson (not American Idol guy, dawg) became the villainous Night Thrasher following the tragic depilation of his granny’s kitty, Mr. Whiskers, by a covert government ops team.  Swearing vengeance on the night for some reason and as his first name choice "Night Ranger" inspired less fear and more feathered hair-dos, Randy became Night Thrasher.  Oh, and he’s a vampire, too.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Just seeing if you any of you actually read this.  IMHO, my version is more interesting that the true backstory of Night Thrasher.  You know Batman?  Okay, same deal but substitute cult gang for random criminals in the tragic parental death bit.  He’s also black, but thatshouldn’t matter, you filthy racist!


Anyways, Night Thrasher, aka Dwayne Taylor, quickly became inspired to create what came to be the New Warriors.  Dwayne’s obsession with the events surrounding the murder of his parents often caused the goals of he and his teammates to clash.  Night Thrasher left the team several times and was ousted by his own teammates after that.  Thrasher finally and completely screwed the pooch when he reformed the New Warriors into a reality tv show.  We all know how that went.  Forget Tony Stark, the Skrulls, Norman Osborn, or Spider-woman and her hypnotic implants; the cause of everything from Civil War to Dark Reign is this jackass right here.


After Dwayne became a skillet stain, his significantly less-obsessed, less-idiotic brother, Donyell, took up his brother’s mantle as Night Thrasher and reformed the New Warriors using depowered mutants such as Jubilee, Beak and Stacy X.  Points for hooker inclusion there.  Of course, a lot of his new teammates have been killed in action in the few months the team has been active, so his leadership skills lacking I think.


Which version of Night Thrasher do you most want made for Marvel Legends/Universe?

***All images blatently stolen from for which I deserve to be thrashed… time of day is up for grabs***

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