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MakeMyMarvel! – Groot

He is Groot.  Click on through and read all about the biggest wood in the Marvel Universe.

Make My Marvel! – Groot

Ah, Groot.  Now here’s one that should’ve been made as an Icon to fit in with Legends when there were still Icons or Legends lines for anything to be fit in to.  Well, Legends is not dead and neither is MMM!  While the 6" line is on hiatus, there is still the (surprisingly) decent 3-3/4" Marvel Universe line to tide us over.  The beauty of old Groot here is that he is of the giant monster variety and and varies his size often.  Thus, a 6" or even larger (please, Hasbro!) Groot could fit in with either line.  In any event: Groot.


Groot first came to Earth in the 60’s in the form of a meteor.  Shortly after impact, he quickly absorbed any wooden items nearby and grew to massive size.  Groot announced his intentions to uproot and transport a nearby rural town back to his home world, Planet X, for his scientists there to study.  Unfortunately for Groot, he was soon undone by ravenous termites created by an also nearby mad scientist.  Groot has been humanity’s bitch ever since.


 Groot reconstituted himself and was quickly captured and imprisoned in the Collector’s zoo.  He was eventually freed by the Mole Man, unleashed upon New York City and stomped by a potpourri of brute type heroes, including Beast, Hulk and the Thing.  Groot was exiled to the Negative Zone but made his own way back.  The next few decades saw Groot, less conquerer and more pariah, as he attempted continuously to hide himself.  He was often captured and forced to work with several organizations for his own survival against other villains.


Groot finally made it back into space where he was captured by the Kree.  Opportunity came when Groot was offered freedom in exchange for his help in fighting the Phalanx.  As part of Starlord’s guerilla team, Groot faught against and later sacrificed himself to help halt the technological race’s takeover of Kree space.  Fellow former Kree inmate and friend Rocket Raccoon retrieved a small twig of Groot’s original form, from which he could again reconstitute himself.  Groot sat out the rest of the Phalanx War while he recovered.


It wasn’t until the second incarnation of Starlord’s version of the Guardians of the Galaxy that Groot was seen having returned to much of his previous self.  He is currently serving on the team’s new roster.


Which version of Groot do you most want made for Marvel Legends/Universe?

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