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First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Stratos and Faker

mattel.gifIs it February already? How about March? No? Well, that must mean that Matty and Toy Guru have come through for you once again by sending along a couple of items for another Fwoosh First Look. What are they? Who are they? Why, it Stratos and Faker from the Masters of the Universe Classics line!

I am going to keep the write up short and sweet since you are here mostly for the pictures anyway.

If you have the Beast Man and He-Man figures, you basically have the idea of base bodies for Stratos and Faker. They are both dynamic figures with some great attention to detail. Stratos has always been on of my favorite heroic characters as his unique "winged, flying hairy guy" look was always an interesting aesthetic for me. He uses mostly Beast Man as his base with a spot on update from the classic for his head sculpt and he has the same rounded "sock" feet of the original. His wings are nicely sculpted and are highly detailed but, unlike the original, they do not attach to his arms a the biceps, just at the wrist. That could possibly be an issue as the wings are made from some fairly soft plastic so they tend to splay out just a bit. Not a huge issue, but over time it could become increasingly apparent. I have to make a note that his furry shorts seem to be more pliable than that of He-man’s so he can sit down in a little more natural pose. It isn’t perfect yet, but I hope Matty still focuses on improving this design aspect. Oh, and his belt (as you can see) has been done in the correct RED color (he was shown to have a yellow belt in early sample pictures from China). Overall, he is a VERY welcome addition to the Hero Shelf, now here is hoping we hear of Man-at-Arm, Teela and Ram-Man soon to join him.

Faker is also a very solid figure, especially for a character whose concept I have never been crazy about. Well, he is He-Man, but blue and a robot. So, there it is. The figure itself is a straight up repaint in the classic evil deco of the He-Man figure. Although he is a repaint (which is just what he is supposed to be), the figure is nicely done. He has solid paint and the electronic panel on his chest and the silver on his belt and gauntlets are particularly nice. He makes use of the upcoming Skeletor’s armor, but in orange with some very nice pearlescent paint on the crossbones. I am happy to add him to my collection (and you can too at the New York Comic Con in February or at in March) and that makes Mer-Man (my most anticipated MOTUC figure) next up in April.

Overall, I have to say that this line is getting better and better and if you have not yet gotten your He-Man and Beast Man, better get on that now. I think that by the time Skeletor is released (next week!) and Stratos and Faker roll out you will be sad He-Fan for not doing so. Discuss these figures in the thread linked below and put in for some picture requests (wanted to get this up ASAP for you guys) and be at Matty Collector in February and March to order them up!



*A big thanks to Toy Guru and Matty for sending these along to us. Keep up the great work, guys!

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