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Make My Marvel! – Exodus

Welcome back to another X-citing installment of Make My Marvel!  This week’s X-tra special X-clusive conteXtant (no?  trying too hard, right?  I’ll stop) is X-Men (that one doesn’t count) major villain wannabe Exodus.      X.

Make My Marvel! – Exodus

Bennet du Paris (snicker) hails from 12th century France.  It was during an encounter with Apocalypse, Sersi and the Black Knight that Paris’ mutant powers first manifested themselves.  Thought Apocalypse augmented Paris’ abillities to fantastical levels, Paris turned on the dark lord and was exiled to a crypt for his betrayal.  It would be nearly 700 years before he was found and freed by Magneto during the tail-end of the 20th century.

Now going by the name Exodus, Paris found that the strength and variety of his powers were almost limitless. He had access to telepathy, flight, teleportation, healing, resurrection, plasma blasts and peer confidence-based strength.  Exodus became Magneto’s chief Leutenant just prior to the encounter with Charles Xavier that left Magnus a vegetable.  Exodus then assumed control of the Acolytes, his poor leadership bringing them into conflict with both the Avengers and X-Men.  His ultimate failure came when he chose to obtain and revive the frozen body of Holocaust aboard the Acolytes’ orbiting space colony Avalon.  Immediately after his de-deadening, Holocaust proceeded to obliterate the station and most of its inhabitants. 


Following an altercation with Cable and X-Man, Exodus reclaimed leadership of the few Acolytes that remained and set his sights on Wundagore Mountain and ridding the Earth of all artificial mutants.  This brought him into comflict with the combined forces of Quicksilver, the Knights of Wundagore, the Inhumans and the High Evolutionary.  Genius!  He of course had his behind soundly handed to him and was once again entombed within the same crypt he’d previously escaped.

Exodus re-escaped and attempted to change his ways by re-creating Genosha as a haven for mutants and humans alike, though this also failed miserably.  Exodus took this as his cue to return to villainy, gathering about him perhaps the most piss-poor incarnation yet of the Brotherhood of Mutants (Mammomax anyone?).  This group too had it’s collective keyster handed to it by the X-Men’s C-team and was sucked into Xorn 2.0’s head vortex (Chuck Austen anyone?).  Exodus apparently escaped and, combining forces with Sinister and his latest incarnation of the Marauders, launched a multi-pronged attack on the X-Men teams in order to obtain Destiny’s Diaries.  This resulted in major failure #4.  Though in the aftermath, Exodus, gathering the few most loyal to him, took Charles Xavier’s corpse and retreated.  It was through Exodus’ intervention that Xavier was revived, albiet without much of his memories.

Which version of Exodus do you most want made for Marvel Legends?


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